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Friday, August 22, 2014

Waconzy Talks About His Definition Of A Good Music And Senseless Music. Mentions Names Again !

In a recent interview, Waconzy was asked "What is your definition of good music? see what he said.

For me, Good music is the end product of every good and creative musician. Good music is music with great content,lyrics,instrumentation and post production. Every good song should solve a problem. It’s either it solves the problem of people who want to dance , people who wants to praise God, people who need to be inspired or whatever  It just needs to talk to someone somehow. It needs to pass some sort of message to its listeners and of course there must be a sweet relationship between the instrumentation, lyrics and melody. Everything must flow in one accordance.
for professionals, People should not be able to predict your next rhyme else it becomes abit childish.
Good music is life while senseless music is the opposite of everything i just said.. #IamTeamGoodMusic


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