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Thursday, July 10, 2014

PMG Radio Episode 23 (Guests: Vinnie From Naughty By Nature & Hollow Da Don)

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PMG Radio Episode 23 – Hosted by PaysoJerry C. & Eliza Queen (Guests: Hollow Da Don & Vinnie From Naughty By Nature)Sponsored by Clique Vodka. Background instrumental by @RedArmyMusic.
Note: This episode was recorded 3 weeks ago so some of the content may be outdated
In this special episode of PMG Radio we interview Hip Hop Legend Vinnie from Naughty By Nature & Battle Rap superstar Hollow Da Don.
We chop it up with Vinnie about his beginning roots with Naughty By Nature, His early days in hip hop and his upcoming ventures. We also get a PMG RADIO EXCLUSIVE as Vinnie gives his side of the story to the Treach “Breakfast Club” interview. He speaks on the whole situation that caused a divide between him and Treach and whether or not he sucker punched him.
We also speak with Hollow Da Don about how he got started in Battle Rap, His historic battle with Loaded Lux, Past issues with Smack/URL, His upcoming battle with Joe Budden, his views on the business side of Battle Rap and much more.

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