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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PMG Radio Episode 18 – (Guests: Fred The Godson & Charlie Clips)

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PMG Radio Episode 18 – Hosted by PaysoJerry C. & Eliza Queen (Guests: Fred The Godson & Charlie Clips)

Sponsored by Clique Vodka. Background instrumental by @RedArmyMusic.

We open up the show with a discussion about Women’s weight loss, Men’s fashion becoming feminine, people wearing Adidas pants with Nike sneakers and more.
We chop it up with Charlie Clips about the current state of his Battle Rap career, His past issues with Smack URL, His behind the scenes involvement with the Summer Madness 2 event, His opinion on how money has affected Battle Rap & Much More
We then bring in Fred The Godson in to join the conversation as we talk to him about his new project “Fat Boy Fresh”, His view on the NYC Hip Hop scene, How Big Pun influenced him as an MC & Much more.
Charlie Clips and Fred The Godson also give us a PMG Radio EXCLUSIVE as they discuss their infamous battle in Harlem that happened years ago. You don’t want to miss this one. Tune In!


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