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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ukrainian Cities With Best And Worst Living Standards


State Statistics Service of Ukraine stated that the most disadvantaged regions of Ukraine are Crimea and Sevastopol.
The Following criteria were used: the crime rate, the number of violent crimes and suicides, the number of patients with open and active form of tuberculosis, the number of mental disorders, alcoholism and drug abuse, unemployment rate of the population, the number of accidents, wage arrears, the ratio of marriages and divorces, number of children born out of wedlock.
According to statistics, the five most dangerous and disadvantaged regions are the south and east of Ukraine. Including Kiev.
The 23rd place was the city Zaporozhye, on the 24th - Kiev, on the 25th - Kirovograd, 26th Crimea. Recognized as the most dangerous was Sevastopol with high debts on wages, crime, accidents,alcoholism, drug addiction and psychosis.
According to the ratio of all the data,the most prosperous recognized Ivano-Frankivsk. In general, it was found that the best ranking was in western regions of Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk (1st place), Chernivtsi (2nd), Rivne (3rd), Transcarpathia (4th), Ternopil (5th ).
These regions have the best statistics in crime and social statistics.Ivano-Frankivsk has least crime, Transcarpathia boasts of stability of marriages and Ternopil has least children born out of wedlock.
In the west of the country than just patients with mental disorders, drug addicts and alcoholics.

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