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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stiff Lauren - Until I Win (Inspired by Les Brown)


Stiff Lauren continues to chase the finish line in his new music video "Its Not Over Until I Win" which was Inspired by a speech by famous motivational speaker, Les Brown. As soon as Stiff Lauren finished watching the entire speech delivered by Les Brown "Its Not Over Until I Win" he knew that it was "GO" time. Now what makes this story even more interesting is the fact that this video was shot from his very own iPhone 5. " I wanna use a Nikon or a Canon but im not really able to afford a really good one at the moment, i could have actually payed someone to shoot my video, but I figured, what is that doing for me really, I am looking to be much more than a musician. In addition to that I feel the iPhone video really does a good job of authenticating my hunger and passion for my work", said Stiff Lauren, when asked, "how did the music video come about". Be sure to follow Stiff Lauren on Twitter & Instagram @StiffLauren.

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