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Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Types Of Dreams Women Dream At Night

1. The Big O
According to analysis on, dreaming of climax—or maybe even having one—can represent an exciting end to something. But it could also mean that you’ve got some major sexual tension built up and just need some non-sleeping action—stat!

2. The Steamy Affair
Loewenberg says that if you dream of getting it on with a dude who’s not your BF, it could mean that something is going on in real life that’s taking your attention away from your man. And, therefore, the twinge of guilt you feel in the dream—and when you wake from it—indicates that, deep down, you know that whatever it is you’re doing doesn’t quite sit well with your guy.

3. The Same-Sex Encouter
While having a same-sex sex dream might seem a bit, well, confusing, according to, it actually represents a greater sense of self-confidence and acceptance. So, if you dream of getting busy with another chick, you’re really just showing yourself some love.

4. The Ex Sex
Well, this is a fun one. You thought the relationship—and the feelings you had—were beyond over, but then you dream you’re getting it on with him again. Loewenberg says that the most common reason we dream of a dreaded ex is because we might need to rekindle the excitement in our current intimate life, especially if we’ve hit in a dry spell or our current relationship has become a bit too routine.

5. The Coworker Romp
It’s always fun going into work when you spent the previous night doing the nasty with a guy in the cube next to you. If you weren’t crushing on him before, this dream could mean that you need to collaborate, work with or learn from the guy to get ahead, Loewenberg says. Well, a sex dream is definitely one way to get you to pay more attention to someone, that’s for sure.
6. The Boss Shag
Doesn’t get much more awkward than this. Though, sex dreams are not necessarily about the person you’re shagging but rather about what he or she represents, Loewenberg says. This particular one is most likely telling you that it’s time to take charge somewhere in your life—as in, you need to be the boss.
7. The Orgy
A multi-person romp could signify repressed sexual desire, according to (Perhaps you’re a bit too conservative in your sex life and need to mix things up a bit with a new position, new toy or new locale?) But this dream might not have anything to do with sex at all: It could mean that you’re feeling spread too thin in your waking life and need to reprioritize where you’re putting your time and energy.

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