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Friday, January 31, 2014

Things Nigerian Women Do To Get Husbands


1. Snatching a friend or relation’s man. All is fair in love and war! Rumour has it that women have resorted to locking their phones, hiding their men and coding their gist from so-called friends cos it’s a jungle out there…

2. Re-inventing themselves. Pretense is the order of the day. No man wants to tame the shrew or teach the inexperienced or make an honest woman out of a dishonest one so once marriage is desired, women package themselves in pseudo, ready-made, easy-to-use, highly desirable packages. After marriage, what you see is what you get!

3. Trapping him with pregnancy. This used to be the old school method of getting a man to propose. From skipping the pill to seducing the man or getting him drunk when she was ovulating, a woman usually knew she had the man where she wanted him once she missed her period even if there was no commitment. Now the guys are saying YES to baby mamas and YES to child support. Are the girls deterred? NO! The girls have stepped up their game by involving the parents and you know parents don’t like scandals.

4. Praying&Fasting. This would presumably be an honourable means of obtaining a husband but sometimes the prayers are offered up to deities other than God & other times it becomes a song permanently on repeat.

5. Taking his photograph to Cele church for a prophetess to pray over or a powerful Alfa. Heard it works like a charm.

6. Taking his sperm, hair or personal effects to Baba. Guys disposing of your condoms yourself is not such a bad idea…

8. Putting love potion in his food! This is classic and timeless but shouldn’t it be called a ‘compelling’ potion? Because in this case, love na by force!

9. Saying YES to a man you despise! A woman has two classes of men usually on her case. The ‘correct’ guys and the ‘disgos’. The disgos usually end up as magas or rebounds but many a woman has shocked a despondent toaster with a sudden ‘Yes’ and men have agreed that truly there is nothing God cannot do!

10. Proposing to a guy! Yes it does happen… (Who wears the engagement ring?)

11. Toasting a man’s family so they make the decision for him! A friend complained that a girl he detested had over the months gotten close to his family. Lavishing on them, cooking for them and basically being their ‘go-to’ girl and now his mum had put her foot down that he had to break up with his girlfriend and marry little-miss-went-home-to-mama depending on how much power the family wields, their word may be final…

12. Asking daddy to get you a husband! If daddy’s a big shot,arranging a husband for you is usually as easy as pie and some men would sell their souls for a large chunk of daddy’s money so both parties are happy…

13. Being your man’s maga! Some women believe that when you finally get a man to be interested in you, spoiling him and overlooking his every fault would get you into a white gown faster than an okada chased by LASTMA! Some men don’t mind a woman who houses them, clothes them, feeds them, gives ‘em pocket money, never gets upset with them even when they misbehave and cleans up after them with little or no contribution from them… Living the dream???

14. Giving him unlimited freedom as long as he proposes. “Tell me I’m number one baby, tell me I’m the future mother of your kids and not Amina, Bisi or Ngozi!” Women used to wanna be the one AND ONLY in their man’s life, now being the number one is good enough…

15. Polishing up a low class, barely educated brother in exchange for a ring! The deal is simple, you send your cleaner, gateman or driver to night school, you give him language lessons, you take him to buy some new clothes and deodorant and teach him to call you honey instead of madam and in exchange, he gets to marry you, share an expensive bedroom and never worry about his bills ever again!

16. Revamping yourself. Change your ward-robe, lose 20kg, buy a truckload of brazilian hair, study the karma-sutra, do a vaginoplasty and change the age on your birth-certificate to read 22. Botox, plastic surgery, a compulsory gym membership and ‘body magic’ also indicated!

17. Becoming a worker in church! Rumour has it that men go to church to marry, the same rumour also reveals that ‘Greeters’, ‘Ushers’ and ‘Lead Soloists’ have the best exposure…praise the Lord!

18. Moving to a new town or part of town so that you are the ‘new girl’. This always peaks the men’s interest and at the same time you get to run away from your past and the ‘old maid’ labels! Combine this with number 16 above and ooh la la!

19. Going for ‘deliverance’ from a spirit husband and sowing a big ‘marriage’ seed in church! Giving your possessions to the poor, giving a sacrificial offering or just giving one thing to God that would make you weep…

20. Abandoning your hopes, dreams and ambitions! I’ve heard people say that women looking for a prince charming live unrealistic dreams, virgins are old-school, overly educated women are proud, rich women are not submissive, ambitious women are conceited, women with demanding jobs won’t have time for their families, women who want a faithful man are deluded and women who don’t get pregnant before wedlock have something wrong with their plumbing! So forsake the masters, don’t even dream of a PhD, quit your job, give away all your money and surely a husband will come… And if all else fails…

21. Marry a married man! He could be your friend’s husband, your sister’s husband, your cousin’s husband, your colleague’s husband, even your mother’s husband if you like! Can you blame these women? The average guy has commitment phobia or is out to play till he is all spent before he settles down or is waiting to make his first ’5 million’ before saying ‘I do’. Even a man with no future ambition or class, much less finances still knows he could have his pick of the best women out there, once he announces he is looking to settle! The last census showed a female-dominated demographic with more women per eligible bachelor. Family and society constantly put the woman in hot water making her personal successes irrelevant till she bags a man.

"I Have A 5 Year Old Son" - Wande Coal

                               Wande Coal - November 2013 - BellaNaija
Wande Coal is also one of the many male celebrities with children.

The former Mavin Records artistes has revealed in an interview with P.M. News his best “kept secret”; a five year old son who he calls Coal Jnr.

“Nobody is going to surprise me anymore. Let me then announce to the whole world that I already have a five-year old son. I had the boy since 2008 before I released my debut album,‘Mushin 2 Mo’Hits’. I have been keeping it secret ever since then but think it’s high time people should know.” he says

Wande decided to make the revelation because he rather not be subjected to crude speculations by some mischievous groups.

7 Types Of Dreams Women Dream At Night

1. The Big O
According to analysis on, dreaming of climax—or maybe even having one—can represent an exciting end to something. But it could also mean that you’ve got some major sexual tension built up and just need some non-sleeping action—stat!

2. The Steamy Affair
Loewenberg says that if you dream of getting it on with a dude who’s not your BF, it could mean that something is going on in real life that’s taking your attention away from your man. And, therefore, the twinge of guilt you feel in the dream—and when you wake from it—indicates that, deep down, you know that whatever it is you’re doing doesn’t quite sit well with your guy.

3. The Same-Sex Encouter
While having a same-sex sex dream might seem a bit, well, confusing, according to, it actually represents a greater sense of self-confidence and acceptance. So, if you dream of getting busy with another chick, you’re really just showing yourself some love.

4. The Ex Sex
Well, this is a fun one. You thought the relationship—and the feelings you had—were beyond over, but then you dream you’re getting it on with him again. Loewenberg says that the most common reason we dream of a dreaded ex is because we might need to rekindle the excitement in our current intimate life, especially if we’ve hit in a dry spell or our current relationship has become a bit too routine.

5. The Coworker Romp
It’s always fun going into work when you spent the previous night doing the nasty with a guy in the cube next to you. If you weren’t crushing on him before, this dream could mean that you need to collaborate, work with or learn from the guy to get ahead, Loewenberg says. Well, a sex dream is definitely one way to get you to pay more attention to someone, that’s for sure.
6. The Boss Shag
Doesn’t get much more awkward than this. Though, sex dreams are not necessarily about the person you’re shagging but rather about what he or she represents, Loewenberg says. This particular one is most likely telling you that it’s time to take charge somewhere in your life—as in, you need to be the boss.
7. The Orgy
A multi-person romp could signify repressed sexual desire, according to (Perhaps you’re a bit too conservative in your sex life and need to mix things up a bit with a new position, new toy or new locale?) But this dream might not have anything to do with sex at all: It could mean that you’re feeling spread too thin in your waking life and need to reprioritize where you’re putting your time and energy.

Photos:Nigerian Musician Fingers Herself;Guess Who

who else but MAHEEDA

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miss Guinea Conakry Belgium

The Famous model who contested for miss guinea conakry  Belgium early 2013 and also know as the ambassador for  " Les Couleurs de noir " has some new pictures out to show fans  also a picture of her and her twin sister 

Follow her on Instagram fatou_GC 
follow her on twitter @fatou_GC 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Official Video: Na So E Suppose Be - Burna Boy


Burnaboy is back with another banging video off his debut album (L.I.F.E). A Studio Space Pictures Production. © 2014 Aristokrat Records


Official Video: Gentleman - D'Prince Ft. Don Jazzy & Davido

Mavin Record’s Superstar Artiste, D’prince is bringing his exceptional brand of smooth, catchy and introspective music to the Nigerian music factory. He is gearing up to celebrate a rewarding new year by dropping a classy video titled “Gentleman” featuring Davido and Mavin boss ,Don Jazzy.
The track which was produced by Nigeria’s super producer Don Jazzy, and video directed by prolific cinematographer/ video Director Clarence Peters with costumes styled by Okunoren Twins, has generated much anticipation on the social media.
The song, possibly the first of its kind in the Nigerian music scene, leaves charming wedding sensation into your ear drums. It invites its listeners to love and cherish their relationships. The song has a relatively semi fast-paced beat that is rather inviting with a sound that is not quite oriental but breathes a distinctive modern flavor of the Nigerian wedding setting


Don't Leave A Man Who Cheats,Work On You - Toni Payne

9ice's ex-wife  was tweeting about self-love and how one should love his/herself in order to make your partner love you when she said:


What Do You Think???

Official Video: Forever - Grand Opus

In the vein of Pete Rock & C.L Smooth, Reflection Eternal, Gang Starr and other legendary hip-hop MC/Producer duos, Grand Opus is a newly formed group out of California and the nostalgia-inducing “Forever” is their debut single. Joc Scholar, the emcee out of Fresno and Bay-area producer Centric (who has worked with the likes of Sean Price, Kool G Rap, Rapper Big Pooh, Wordsmith and more), come together to create a timeless offering, letting listeners know that hip-hop is very much alive on the West Coast. With Centric’s hard hitting drums and melodic chords combined with Joc Scholar’s mic presence and thought provoking rhymes, “Forever” captures a feel of where vintage meets the future.

The music video was shot and directed by Gimante in San Francisco, Ca.


The Demon$ - This How We Ride(Stick Up)

 This is a hot new track by The Demon$ named "This How We Ride(Stick Up)" From The Upcoming Mixtape "Hell On Earth". Your gonna love the dreamy beat,hellish flows and lyrical content. Be on The Lookout For There Single "Sheesh" Coming Soon 

This How We Ride(Stick Up)

This How We Ride(Stick Up) (Chopped n Screw'd) Link

Grammy Awards 2014: Full List Of Winners


Best New Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: "Get Lucky," Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams and Nyle Rodgers

Best Rock Song: "Cut Me Some Slack," Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic & Pat Smear

Best Pop Solo Performance: "Royals," Lorde

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: "Holy Grail," Jay Z ft. Justin Timberlake

Best Rock Album: Celebration Day, Led Zeppelin

Song of the Year: "Royals," Lorde 

Best Reggae Album: Ziggy Marley In Concert, Ziggy Marley

Best Gospel Album: Greater Than [Live], Tye Tribbet,

Best Rap Performance: "Thift Shop," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Rap Song: "Thift Shop," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Rap Album: "The Heist," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best R&B Performance:  "Something," Snarky Puppy With Lalah Hathaway

Best Traditional R&B Performance: "Please Come Home," Gary Clark Jr. 

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: Pharrell Williams

Best R&B Song: "Pusher Love Girl," Justin Timberlake 

Best Urban Contemporary Album: Unapologetic, Rihanna

Best R&B Album: Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys

Best Rock Performance: "Radioactive," Imagine Dragons

Best Country Album: Same Trailer Different Park, Kacey Musgraves

Best Pop Instrumental Album: Stepping Out, Herb Albert

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: To Be Loved, Michael Buble

Best Spoken Word Album: America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't, Stephen Colbert

Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical: Summertime Sadness, Cedric Gervais, Remixer (Lana Del Rey)

Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance: "Break Every Chain [Live]", Tasha Cobbs

Best Gospel Song: "If He Did It Before... Same God [Live]", Tye TribbettFollow her arrow: Kacey Musgraves also won two gongs

Best Latin Pop Album: Vida, Draco Rosa,

Best Song Written For Visual Media:  "Skyfall," Thomas Newman

Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance: Brady Wells and Roomful of Teeth, "Roomful of Teeth"

Best New Age Album: Love's River, Laura Sullivan

Best Jazz Vocal Album:  Liquid Spirit, Gregory Porter,

Best Jazz Instrumental Album: Money Jungle: Provocative In Blue, Terri Lyne Carrington

Best Latin Jazz Album: Song For Maura, Paquito D'Rivera And Trio Corrente

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album: Sound City: Real To Reel, Butch Vig (Compilation Producer)

Best Musical Theater Album: Kinky Boots, Cyndi Lauper

Best Americana Album: Old Yellow Moon, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell

Best Folk Album: My Favorite Picuture of You, Guy Clark

Best Dance Recording: "Clarity," Zedd ft. Foxes

Best Dance/Electronica Album: Random Access Memories, Daft Punk

Best Comedy Album: Calm Down Gurrl, Kathy Griffin

Best Blues Album: Get Up!, Ben Harper With Charlie Musselwhite

Best Music Film: Live Kisses, Paul McCartney

Best Country Duo/Group Performance: "From This Valley," The Civil Wars

Best Country Solo Performance: "Wagon Wheel," Darius Rucker

Best Country Song: "Merry Go Round," Shane McAnally, Kacey Musgraves & Josh Osborne

Best Alternative Music Album: Modern Vampires of the City, Vampire Weekend

Best Metal Performance: "God Is Dead," Black Sabbath

Video:Beyonce And Jay - Z Perform Drunk In Love At The Grammy Awards



Thursday, January 23, 2014

Official Video: Dr. Sid - Surulere Ft. Don Jazzy


             Starring Funke Akindele, Helen Paul and Blossom Chukwujekwu The video tells a story of a young couple who find it difficult to have a baby, and despite pressure from the extended family stay together and finally conceive.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Video:Maheeda(Nigeria) Goes Naked For Her "Sex Music" Video "Naija Bad Girl" 18+



Video:The Sexiest Twerk Compilation You Have Ever Seen



Official Video: DJ Santo ~ THE MOVEMENT Ft. iLLest

Esteem Entertainment presents DJ Santo @iamdjsanto Featuring iLLest @illest001 - THE MOVEMENT (Official Video). TV must anticipate more of international standard Hip-Hop Video from this from the IdiokAboy and his Goon holding it down for the Streetz.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Official Video: Jimi One - Hypertension

          Victoria Oyiya Records presents the Official Video of Ukrainian-based Nigerian artiste - Jimi One's single "Hypertension".

        Jimi One is a fast rising act that came on the scene in 2013,with a blend of Hip pop,R n B and Ragga.He also doubles as a medical student.The video was directed by Victor O. Frank for Studio Four Productions.Styled By Bunchuznaya.The Video was shot on location in Ukraine.

Twitter @emelikejimi


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jim Iyke Angry At Ay's Comedy Skit

Jim Iyke has revealed his disgust with comedian AY over a recent comedy skit.
AY had enlisted the help of fellow comedian Helen Paul to create a comic re-enactment of Jim Iyke’s popular delivery, one the actor didn’t take too kindly to.
Jim Iyke tweeted at AY afterwards, saying “people crossed lines for relevance”, and that it was “classless” and “disappointing coming from someone deemed to have self respect”.


"Stop Sending Your Children To Cyprus" - Nigerian House Of Reps Warns Parents


The House of Representatives has warned Nigerian parents against sending their children and wards to Universities and other higher institutions in Cyprus. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, chairperson House Committee on Diaspora, warned Nigerians to beware of what she described as ongoing suspicious move by the authorities of Cyprus International University, Nicosia, North Cyprus, to lure students from Nigeria to their university. The Committee said its warning was based on the fuzzy circumstances in which Gabriel Sowerei, a student of CIU,Nicosia, North Cyprus, as one Gabriel Soriwei recently died. “Gabriel Soriwei,20 years, was a first year student of Electrical/Electronic Engineering at the Cyprus International University, Nicosia, North Cyprus. “The university alleged he was knocked down by by a female drunk driver in July 17,2013. “The university in connivance with the North Cyprus police, released the driver and shielded her identity from the family. “Till date, there has not been a word of condolence to the family. His corpse was sent as an unaccompanied cargo to the grieving family, without any of his belongings. “The Soriwei family have since buried their son and have not been reached by authorities of CIU four months after, and have expressed pain at the callousness of the university authorities. “The committee also notes that apart from Soriwei, a Bayelsa-born musician, Stanley Oteimo, was also murdered on August 12,2013 because of a disagreement he had with a white student over a girl in Nicosia. “The team from CIU held a seminar at Rockview hotel, Abuja on January 14,2014, to lure Nigerian students to their university and they are currently heading to Kaduna, Port harcourt, and Uyo. “They left out Benin and Bayelsa because the late Soriwei was from Benin and Stanley was from Bayelsa State. “From all indications, studying in this university, CIU, is not safe in particular and and Nicosia, North Cyprus in General, is also dangerous for our students. “The House Committee also notes that North Cyprus is not recognized by Nigeria and all other countries in the world except Turkey,” the House Committee concluded.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yvonne Nelson And Linda Ikeji Fight


Rumour has it that Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson is notorious for sending stories about herself to blogs.She has been accused of  sending a fake death threat to herself and posting on twitter and instagram that her life is being threatened and also dissing Karen Igho for her fake boobs and claiming her account was hacked.Well,no one knows for sure if its true or not.On the other hand Linda Ikeji has also been known in the past to post many false stories,so you be the judge on this one.

          Yesterday blogger Linda Ikeji published a story that Yvonne Nelson will be starring with her ex, Iyanya in a new movie called Ransom. Yvonne Nelson took to twitter to deny the story and directly tweeted at Linda Ikeji’s,what followed was Linda Ikeji replying her and accusing Yvonne and her team of sending in stories so she can trend.