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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Official Video: Freddy D Ft. Akila

Freddy D's first single. "Let me Be" Ft Akila brings a new element of hip hop style and flow, raving with hot lyric's From Freddy D and Akila. The cello and violin that Freddy D used on the track is undeniably hot. Growing up in Hempstead NY, Freddy D didn't think he would be a rapper, however he knew that one day he would do something in entertainment.
Mashing the sound of hip hop with rhythm and soul. Freddy D style is often compared to a fellow NY rapper such as Jay Z. After the death of his mother it was set in stone regardless the circumstance that Freddy D would discover a strength that would push him forth in his career. Back with the forthcoming Lp (Humble Beginnings) all tracks were produced by Freddy D, featuring G- powell, Balla, Shamane Matthew, Airy, Akila, Cannerow and John Mack this record will be a delight.

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