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Monday, August 19, 2013

Types Of Ladies To Avoid On Facebook

1. The Overly Dramatic Girl
Cryptic, attention-seeking messages should tell you that the woman you are interested in is likely passive-aggressive and high maintenance.
2. The Spiritual Catchphrase Girl
We respect a woman who makes a concerted effort to improve herself. Peddling spiritual mumbo-jumbo in a status update doesn't qualify in the same way that putting on a policeman’s uniform doesn't make you a cop
3. The Ex Stalker
Any mention of an ex-boyfriend should immediately freeze your intentions with a new girl. If she’s bashing her ex all over her profile, she hasn’t gotten over him. Move on.
4. The Serial Complainer
If the woman you are wooing is so offended over a traffic jam or a snooty barista that she needs to vent rage all over her Facebook, then she’s probably a serial complainer who gets off on being miserable.
5. The Ultimatum Giver
For some people, offering an opinion just isn’t enough. They need to follow it up with an ultimatum post like, “If you are a typical hypocrite, go ahead and unfriend me right now!” Do yourself a favor. Take the bait. Unfriend her!
6. The Confrontational Girl
Similar to the Ultimatum Giver, the Confrontational Girl seems to seek out and thrive on conflict. Any arguments with her will eventually boil down to who can scream louder and longer. You’ve been warned.
7. The Notice-Me
Nothing passes her by. She comments on every facebook pictures and posts. She judges, praises and criticises….

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