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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Music:Ruud Boiz - Amen

Out of the heart of PH city, into the Nigerian music scene, is Ruud Boiz with a hiphop joint like never before, titled 'AMEN' produced by Saint LizzLe the sound bender. Since they couldn't go to  the mountain, they decided to create their own mountain. DL, listen and u will understand what I mean. Amen!
Check them out on Twitter with the following Handle.
@ruudboiz @pi_piego  @skillz_official @freakyfree026 @SaintLizzLe 


Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Music: Zuki - #FLO #esupa

#esupa is about to be the new summer anthem from Africa to the globe. Nigerian born Azukaego Enwemasor aka Zuki of Pro INC music (@pro_inc01) says let your hair down and vibe to his FLO. Play at your house parties. Bump in your car, have drinks with your friends to the jam.. Dj's can't deny it. #esupa does get you going. DONT DULL THE WAVE!!!!

Twitter; @zukitherapper
Contact; MGMT @fozadoza n @pro_inc01
Bookings and more info;

Illa Than Fever Mixtape By King Gaya

King Gaya, real Name Oshinowo Olasubomi Oluwayomi is a rapper from Jos. Well, i guess we can call him another short black boi. The Gifted King of Style is a finalist of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and the C.E.O/Founder of BARz and Dreams Hill Inc. He won UNDISPUTED ARTIST OF THE YEAR at THE UNDISPUTED AWARDS 2013, ACE AWARDS Nominee for BEST ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2012 and brought you a club banger titled MAREDI on which he featured KENNIS MUSIC's artiste MINJIN earlier this year.
He is here with his long awaited Mixtape titled ILLA THAN FEVER. Which is were he showcases his style of rap "KINGING" on various beats (original and covers). King Gaya basically known for his "FLOW" has made it perfectly clear on this project that he is not a fan of forced and unnecessary punchlines. But that is for you all to decide if he is really the "killem with the flow" KING OF STYLE that he says he is. ILLA THAN FEVER is a 16 track mixtape containing nothing but the best of non stop flow and it features fast rising acts like HIGH M, ECLIPSE, 618, KURSOR.... just to name a few... but it is clear that King Gaya is passing a message.. and it says THE KING IS COMING!!!!!
its BARz bitches...... YOU KNOW THIS!!!





2- ENTER THE DEMI-gOD Ft. Eclipse

3- K.I.T.B



6- TRUE BLUE Ft. High M

7- FuckWithUsYouKnowWeGatIt Ft. Fresh


9- MAAD CITY (Freestyle)

10- K.O.S

Track Bonus

11- GUAP



14- 4 HORSEMEN  Ft. Ray cloud, Ice

15- S.F.T.B Ft. Kordys

16- W.A.G.L Ft. Toosh

New Music:Ollgee - Things Change Ft. Daroc + God Is Great

         After DAMAGE IS DONE, here comes another 2 Tracks from the south- south based rapper OLLGEE, a Singles from his soon to be dropped mixtape titled HOBBY. The track GOD IS GREAT expresses its self better with good lyrical Lines and Tune. This promising rapstar affirms what we already know “Hiphop isn't  dead”.
     Things change featuring Daroc of Hot Boys Crew is an explicit freestyle with good Tune and Lines as well. You've got to love these Tracks.

Twitter: @Ollgee @mr_daroc
22nd, August 2013.





Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Nigerian Students Die In Malaysia

Three Nigerian students of a private college in Malaysia were killed early morning today while two others suffered serious injuries when their car lost control and crashed into a tree.
The students aged between 29 to 33, were in a Perodua Myvi when it crashed at 2.30am. The dead includes the driver, identified as Aliu Tajuden, 30; Tope Samuel, 30 and Busuyi Zacheus, 29, died at the scene while the other two are currently at Tuanku Jaafar Hospital (HTJS) for severe injuries.
Police spokesperson said they were heading to their hostels at the time. “Preliminary investigation suggested that the car was going fast at the one-way lane and lost control, before crashing into a tree.” He added that the Nigerian embassy was informed of the fatalities and asked to come claim the bodies.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

100% Sure Signs They're Cheating


#1 The Old Phone Trick

When your partner is on the phone and you enter the room and all of a sudden your partner lowers his or her voice or even leaves the room for a split second to finish the conversation, that’s grounds for questioning.

The kicker is if the phone has a pass code yet your partner assures you that they have nothing to hide ... hmmm. And if all the evidence points to what you feared the most? The truth is, truths can be very painful, but you know eventually you’ll have to talk to your partner. At that point you need to decide whether the relationship’s worth working out or if you decide to end the relationship.

#2 Not Feeling the Connection

Remember the saying “If you won’t do it, someone else will”? Take it, live by it, and apply it because it speaks volumes.

If your significant other feels as though they’ve lost the attention they so need, you can bet they’ll go looking for it from someone else. Whether it be an emotional or physical connection, it’s been proven that these can be top reasons that lead others to cheat. Communicating is key, but pay attention because if you’re “I love yous” suddenly turn into “see ya laters” something’s changed. Your relationship may be at risk.

#3 They're Secretive

Let’s face it, nobody likes someone who can’t be 100 percent with them, no matter what the situation is. If your significant other is keeping things from you or doing things behind your back, not only is that a sign they may be cheating but it’s a wake up call!

No man or woman has the right to keep anything from you especially if you guys are in a committed relationship. Don’t be scared of what your significant other may think of you because chances are if they really care like they say they do it won’t matter because you were honest from the beginning. Save the heartache and remember, the past is the past. The future is what you’re working to build up.

#4 Sudden Wave of Interest in You

On the other had, your partner may also appear to be 110% invested into anything and everything that has to do with you. It may seem sweet at first, but if it ever feels like too much it probably is.

You could dance around the idea of your beau suddenly realizing your worth or, more realistically, see for yourself that something’s changed – maybe for the better. Whatever the case, it’s important to notice change. Picture yourself and your relationship as is. This sudden attention may be a sign that someone’s got them in a mood that’s indescribable, one only someone else could be responsible for. Again, this is a behavioral issue. We know what’s what in our relationship.

#5 They're Selfish

Ever get that feeling that you’ve found that special someone who sees you as the apple of their eye? If so, be cautious. Make sure you two are seeing the same picture because no one wants to be with someone who only thinks of themselves. A relationship takes two people to be successful.

#6 They Lie

It’s very true, but even the little things count whether it’s a romantic gesture or a little white lie about where you were the night before when you cancelled a movie date.

That lie may seem like no big deal at first but a pattern is more than enough to speculate otherwise. In any healthy relationship, your partner should have no reason to lie to you. Typically, the lies will start way before an affair even comes into question, but keep in mind anyone who lies with ease should not be trusted, period. This is a red flag. Don’t be afraid to take a stand, if anyone should be straight forward with you it’s each other.

#7 Proximity

It’s a bond we can’t explain, but we are most attracted to the people we see most often. Just as a co-worker tends to like you more if you work in the same office, a man or woman will seek your attention more if they get used to seeing you on a daily or even weekly basis. Think of it as a long-distance relationship. They can be costly. Seeing someone in a new light or setting can pose problems in a relationship that some can't control. Why do you think people complain so much about their long-distance relationships not working out? We want to be with someone nearby.

#8 Has a Sudden Change in Behavior

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is getting to know someone for who they really are. We pick up their likes, dislikes, and even their everyday habits.

That being said, if they suddenly change their perfume or cologne or start dressing in a way you’re not used to, it’s time to open your eyes. Seriously guys, being yourself is the best thing you can be in a relationship and no one should ever jeopardize that. If your partner is all of a sudden paying more attention to the way they look and how many times they’ve been in the gym, they aren’t just doing it for their own health. Chances are they want to look just as good for someone else.

#9 Paranoia

An increase in accusatory behavior may actually reveal more than you think. Nine times out of ten, it’s your partner’s way of covering up their own guilt for behavior they’re accusing you of.

For instance, they start an argument with you because you came in late from work due to a traffic accident when really they’re still thinking about the time you busted them for missing dinner the other night. Whatever the case, the less we lie the more our partners can trust us and questioning won’t even have to come into play.

#10 Their Friends Cheat

We all love our friends to death, and it’s in our humanly instincts to follow in the footsteps of those closest to us.

We’re not saying if they tell you to jump you say “how high” but if they’re doing something that catches your attention you’ll either follow or look the other way. With cheating, chances are if one person’s doing it, then everyone’s doing it. No one wants to be the odd man out unless of course you are the rare occasion where you’re completely opposite of your friends, but nevertheless it’s not always about the numbers. It may be a good idea to find out first and foremost about his views on relationships and staying faithful.

#11 They're a Narcissist

Does your significant other think they’re so amazing that they deserve special treatment? Or do they show little regard for your feelings yet still expect to be the center of attention?

Either way it goes, you could be dealing with a narcissist whether you agree or not. There are strictly ego-driven, which means they need someone by their side at all times to idealize, admire and be in awe of them. In fact, most of the time a relationship’s not really what they’re after. They’re trying to cope with a personality disorder that even therapists can't cure.

#12 They're Focusing on Your Faults

It’s not natural over the course of a relationship to keep things bottled up – whether it be how annoyed you get when your guy tries to act cool or when your girl is trying too hard to be perfect.

After a while, they’re going to get tired of your behavior and start looking for someone who isn’t as needy for the attention. Once they find characteristics they feel you lack in someone else, they’ll start noticing every little flaw in you you’ve worked so hard to erase. This is his or her way of justifying the cheating, but don’t let them win here. Always remain three steps ahead.

#13 Never Been in a Serious Relationship

Relationships are not games, which is why we truly do sympathize for those who see them no other way.

Face it, someone who’s been in even one relationship for three years is far more knowledgeable than someone who’s been in three relationships in the last three months. Being in multiple relationships just isn’t healthy. We crave that stability and if our partners are stuck playing the guessing game to see whose relationship will last longer that’s simply a game I want no part in.

#14 Spending Changes

We’re no fool to our partner's spending habits as well as the haves and have-nots of their employee history.

Needless to say we know when things don’t add up, it’s clear. If your partner is making frequent trips to the ATM and money is constantly disappearing, leave it to your own instincts to realize that something’s up. You may think it is a gambling habit or a number of other things, but don't bet on that. Chances are if your significant other is going to a job 40 hours a week, they have money and they always should. Cheating doesn’t come cheap. If you can’t figure out where that money’s disappeared to, it’s definitely not being spent on you.

#15 Increased Laziness

Household duties and chores may become neglected. You’ll notice your partner spending more time on the Internet or literally laying around on the couch with no interest with the housekeeping of the house.

He or she may just so happen to be in a fog-like state but really they’re probably thinking about the other person. Time spent with family may also decline. Interest in weekend activities with yourself, attendance to sports games, time spent alone with you such as date nights, etc....all become greatly diminished.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Types Of Ladies To Avoid On Facebook

1. The Overly Dramatic Girl
Cryptic, attention-seeking messages should tell you that the woman you are interested in is likely passive-aggressive and high maintenance.
2. The Spiritual Catchphrase Girl
We respect a woman who makes a concerted effort to improve herself. Peddling spiritual mumbo-jumbo in a status update doesn't qualify in the same way that putting on a policeman’s uniform doesn't make you a cop
3. The Ex Stalker
Any mention of an ex-boyfriend should immediately freeze your intentions with a new girl. If she’s bashing her ex all over her profile, she hasn’t gotten over him. Move on.
4. The Serial Complainer
If the woman you are wooing is so offended over a traffic jam or a snooty barista that she needs to vent rage all over her Facebook, then she’s probably a serial complainer who gets off on being miserable.
5. The Ultimatum Giver
For some people, offering an opinion just isn’t enough. They need to follow it up with an ultimatum post like, “If you are a typical hypocrite, go ahead and unfriend me right now!” Do yourself a favor. Take the bait. Unfriend her!
6. The Confrontational Girl
Similar to the Ultimatum Giver, the Confrontational Girl seems to seek out and thrive on conflict. Any arguments with her will eventually boil down to who can scream louder and longer. You’ve been warned.
7. The Notice-Me
Nothing passes her by. She comments on every facebook pictures and posts. She judges, praises and criticises….

Saturday, August 17, 2013

UNeed2Listen:Kay Dizzle ft. Blaka - Abiba(Prod. By Sammie Blacc)

Kay Dizzle who recently jumped on Anijamz's WantTo PlayMe Remix returns back with another hit banger. The song boasts of features from his home boy - Blaka and production by Sammie Blacc of Drum Republik. DJ Champagne called it a World Class Hit when he Premièred it On Air (Y FM 107.9 Ghana) and it's an Afro Pop that is surely going to get you up to your feet.

 Download, Enjoy and Share.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

7 Signs You Are Not Ready For Marriage No Matter How Much You Think You Are


The truth they say is bitter,but its never too late to change,as much as you think you are ready for marriage,if you look at your life,or your present boyfriend thinks you have these signs,i'm sorry to say you are not ready for marriage.

1) If you believe strongly that you must always have the last say in an argument, you’re not ready for marriage.

2) If you don’t like anyone invading your space, you’re not ready.

3) If you cannot cook or you don’t like cooking, your marriage is not going to be funny.

4) If you always say things exactly how they come to your mind not caring who is hurt, you’re headed for a rocky and ultimately likely to crash marriage.

5) If you believe that you’re who you are and no one can change that, you’re not ready.

6) If you think about others only when you've fully sorted yourself out, you’re not ready.

7) If you are so good at holding a grudge and you’ll only let go when you feel like, please stay unmarried.

Friday, August 9, 2013

"The Woman In The ABSU Rape Video Is My Wife"

                              Stop rape
         After months of investigations, Southsouth Regional Editor SHOLA O’NEIL and ROSEMARY NWISI reveal the missing links in the 2011 rape video erroneously tagged ‘Abia rape video’. They unravel the victim’s identity, the Rivers State scene of the crime and how the victim was infected with HIV, which claimed the life of the child she was carrying. On a rainy Sunday afternoon in June, Obite, Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State wore an innocent look. Nothing gave it away as the scene where four men gang-raped a pregnant wife of their relative and indigene of the community. Driving through the tranquil town on that soggy Sunday, it was hard to picture it as the setting for the sordid rape that travelled through and repulsed the world in 2011 and became erroneously known as ‘Abia rape’. Mr Stanley Sunday (not his real name), husband of the victim, said Obite was where the crime took place. The police think so too. Pointing to a nondescript bungalow in one of the suburbs, Mr. S (as he preferred to be known in this report) told Niger Delta Report in an emotion-laden voice: “That is where they raped my wife”. The hapless woman was pregnant with a child, whose fate was sadly sealed by the rape. Mr S refused to speak with us inside his house – a bungalow on the outskirts of the village – because of fear that we could be attacked by the rapists and ‘their sponsor’. “We must talk quickly and you leave; I do not want to put your lives in danger,” he said. When reports of the rape first surfaced on the internet in August 2011, it was said to have occurred at the Abia State University (ABSU). The rapists were thought to be students of ABSU. Governor Theodore Orji and his wife Mercy lent their voices to the gale of condemnation, with ABSU denying that”there was no such inglorious act and ugly incident in the institution.” Mr. S said: “Some of the rapists did not even finish their secondary education; none of them is a student of the institution.” The heartbroken man hinted of conspiracy between some powerful persons in the community, including a member of his extended family, and the rapists. “They know what they did; the activities they and their boss are engaged in,” he added. He said his wife told him that there were eight men in the room when she was molested. “Four of them raped her, while the other four acted as bouncers, guard and commanders.”   Kept in the dark Our checks revealed that the distraught husband found out about the sordid affair late. He had also lost a son to HIV/AIDS infection, which his wife is believed to have contacted from the rapists. Attempts by our reporter to speak with the victim met brick walls. At her family’s home in Nazi, Owerri, where she moved in with her parents, we were told she had relocated to the village, ostensibly because of the stigma from the incident. Her sibling, who was contacted on telephone, became suspicious and hung as soon as we told him we were trying to reach his sister. Over one year after he found out, Mr S could not completely conceal the hurt and betrayal in his voice when he spoke. He said he found out about the rape of his wife through his colleagues. He was working offshore when his colleagues started discussing the “evils going on in the society. They said I should see what evil people are doing. I was not interested until they started talking about a sad one that happened in Abia State. They said university students raped their colleague, videoed and posted it on the internet. I said they must be cultists to have done such things. “When they started narrating it, I got interested and asked to see the video. When I saw it (video), I listened to what the woman was saying but it was her voice that struck me. I was shocked; I said within myself ‘am I dreaming?’ The woman in the video had my wife’s voice, face and the hair style? “I couldn’t contain myself; I asked my colleague to transfer the video to my mobile phone. I did not tell him why I wanted the video, but I wanted to compare it with her (wife’s) photo I have on my laptop computer back at home.” After some time, he got time-off from work in an offshore location and went home to confront his wife and his worst nightmare. He said the woman initially denied she was the woman in the video before he pressured her into confessing. Obite’s indigenes, who asked not to be named, said the husband was so angry that he summoned a family meeting and threatened to divorce his wife, if she did not open up. “It was then that the woman narrated that she was going to visit her husband’s relative when she was lured into the house by the suspects, some of whom are her husband’s relatives,” said a source. Confirming this, Mr S said: “She said she hid it from me because of the threat to her life, my own life and those of our family members.” More intriguing, according to our checks, was that most of the man’s relatives in the town reportedly knew about it before he was aware. More perplexing, Mr S said, was that one of his relatives, a very influential member of the community, was fingered as the godfather of the boys, who raped his wife. “I didn’t know what she was going through, what had happened to my wife. She was living with me and cooking for me while living this horror and fear that they would kill her if she told me or go to the police. “The worst aspect of the case is that they infected her with the deadly disease (HIV). When this incident happened, my wife was pregnant (about two months).” Yet his feeling of sorrow and empathy failed to save the marriage. Although he would not confirm or deny report that he was separated from his wife, yet he said he had not seen her for over two months when we met him in Obite. “She is living with her parents in Owerri. I do call her and we talk once in a while. I even took her to TB Joshua’s church in Lagos when we were finding solution to the case (her infection).”   HIV Infection Our investigations revealed that the husband’s anger was fuelled by a tragedy that earlier struck the couple in 2011 when their six-month-old son – the first child of the marriage – died of complications resulting from a mysterious HIV infection. He said: “The child was taken to a children’s clinic located in GRA Phase 1, Port Harcourt after he fell ill with cough, about two months after his birth. He was coughing without stopping and we had to take the child to the specialist hospital.” At the hospital, the child and mother were diagnosed with the deadly Human Immune Virus (HIV). The blood report from a Haematology Laboratory Request form dated August 5, 2011, (a copy is in Niger Delta Report’s possession), showed that the mother and child tested positive to HIV antibodies. The father’s result was negative. The result struck a blow that shook the young marriage to its foundation. The child was barely two months old and had just be dedicated at a Pentecostal church with fanfare and an elaborate celebration party in mid-June 2011. Before the incident, Mr S was surprised when the doctors asked for his blood sample for a routine test. “I told them that it was my child that was ill and not me. But they insisted and I had to allow them even though I didn’t know why.” After the test, top management staff of the hospital (names withheld) invited the couple to a meeting where they broke the sad news to them. “They told me I am a lucky man; my wife and son had HIV but I don’t have. I was surprised. I didn’t know what to say. I asked ‘what is the luck in that when my wife and child were infected?’” The hospital declined comment when contacted. An official politely cited the sensitive nature of the diagnosis and doctor/patient secrecy oath, stressing that the hospital should not be mentioned in this report. A medical source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the report. It was gathered that the revelation rocked the foundation of the couple’s marriage with both family members getting involved in the effort to solve the mystery. Mrs S was accused of infidelity and almost sent packing when the child died two months later. Yet, she refused to disclose the source of her anguish until her husband confronted her with the video.   More intrigues It was while the couple was managing the crisis resulting from the child’s death that Mr. S stumbled on the rape video and possible answer to mystery of the HIV infection. If his wife was cowed by the threat, the angry husband was unfazed and determined to bring the harbingers of his misfortune to justice. He immediately dragged his wife to the Rivers State Police Command’s Criminal Investigation Department. The case was assigned to an inspector of police identified as Mr. Eneje. The victim was taken in by the police for interrogation after which she identified three suspects as part of the gang. A fourth suspect narrowly escaped and was still at large at the time of this report. The suspects are: Uchenna Ukulor, Chizoba Nwosu, Nwazuo Nmezi and one person at large. Mr S said as soon as the suspects were arrested, some prominent members of the community met and decided that he withdrew the case from the police and let bygone be bygone. When he refused, he said he was banished from the community. However, it was gathered that weeks after the police began investigation, Mr S lost his job. He claimed that he was victimised because of his insistence on bringing his wife’s abusers to justice. He said some members of the society boasted after he lost his job that”let’s see how he is going to pursue the case now”. He added: “Since I came to the knowledge of the incident and began the move to prosecute the suspects, my life has been under threat; the suspects are after me, their sponsor (names withheld), is after me. They have been making frantic efforts to eliminate me.” He said the threats were so serious that he and his wife had to temporarily relocate to the Police Headquarters during the investigations. Attempts to scuttle the case Although scores of persons were either arrested or interrogated over the incident, the trial has dragged on for over a year amid reports of attempts to bribe the police and other agencies involved in the prosecution. Police Inspector Eneje, who investigated the matter, refused to comment on reports that he was offered inducement to ‘close the case’. He said the police had concluded its investigation and arrested suspects who were charged to Magistrate’s Court 9, Port Harcourt. Records obtained from the court indicated that the case file was transferred to the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice last year after the court declined jurisdiction on the ground that it was not competent to try the suspects. At the DPP office, a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the prosecution was delayed when certain key evidence disappeared from the file. Our source said: “The photographs and other exhibits needed to prosecute the case disappeared but I think efforts are being made to retrieve them now.” Solicitor-General of the State and Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, Rufus Godwin, who was contacted, referred us to the chief registrar, insisting that he could not speak on the case without the charge sheet number.   ‘Rapists’ on the loose Nevertheless, while the case winds painfully through prosecution, the suspects, Ukulor, Nwosu and Nmezi, have returned to their normal lives, much to the angst of Mr S, his distraught wife and members of the human rights community. It was gathered that the suspects were granted bail in late last year. Mr S, who said the release of the suspects, has further heightened fear over his safety, said: “We don’t even know the position of the matter now; since last year we were told that the DPP advice was being awaited. The suspects are walking freely everywhere; even one of them just got wedded about two months ago.” He said his family has been let down by the government, which allowed the case to drag on until it is almost forgotten. He said: “Well, one thing I believe is that the crime, humiliation was not committed only against me, they did it to Nigeria, Nigerians in general and women all over the world in particular.” The Director of Programmes, Centre for Environment, Human Rights Development (CEHRD), Steve Obodoekwe, agreed that the crime was against humanity, not just the family involved. He expressed dissatisfaction with Ministry of Justice’s handling of the case, adding: “It is not one of such cases that should be swept under the carpet; it is unfortunate to hear that the matter is as good as dead. “Right now, we learnt that the suspects earlier arraigned in a Magistrate’s Court in connection with the crime are no longer in custody, even when the DPP’s advice is yet being expected and the matter not yet before any High Court either in the state or country. This is, indeed, very appalling.” He called for the conduct of a probe on how the suspects ‘escaped’ from custody. Obodoekwe said: “They should be rearrested and detained, charged to court and tried accordingly. We are also recommending that those that let them off the hooks should be equally fished out and given the same treatment as the criminals. “This is because, we are in Nigeria, and obviously nothing goes for nothing in this country. Those that released them from custody must have done deals with them, and so should be given even worse treatment than the suspects. “A serious matter like ‘gang rape’ is what we are talking about here, you arrested some suspects took them to the Magistrate’s Court which we know have no powers to try capital offences. Now we are hearing that they are moving freely everywhere like free persons. It is unheard of; it is evil. “One thing that is certain in this whole issue is that the incident is not a crime against the victim and her family; it is a crime, humiliation against the state, Federal Government and I want the ministry of justice to know this.” It is uncertain when the family will get justice, but what is sure is that the last has not been heard of this gang rape, even though the video has been pulled from the internet.

Source:The Nation

Video:Parents Having Sex In Park,While Son Desperately Tries To Stop Them

                                            Hilarious video I must say,but shameful though.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Real Reasons Why He'll Break Up With You,If He Hasn't Already & Why You'll Stay Single Or Probably Not Get The Man You Want

This goes to all the ladies out there. Have you ever taken time to think of the reasons why that guy dumped you? Why he doesn't like you? Why that guy dimmed his love for you? Why your guy changed all over a sudden? Why guys don’t fall for you? Why you are remaining single year to year?

1. YOU LIE TOO MUCH - Guys aren't stupid. They can tell when they're being lied too. Don't try to hide who you are because you think a guy won't like the real you. You can't fool somebody forever and once the truth comes out he'll never trust you again. So be yourself to some guys who date you.

2. YOU DON’T APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS HE DOES FOR YOU - Some guys are horrible with expressing their feelings, but they try to in their own little ways. Sometimes it's something small like picking up a cupcake because they know you'll like it. Lots of times an act like this goes unnoticed, if a guy is trying to show you he cares and you don't see it he'll think you don't care or you don’t love him. Appreciate his efforts please.

3. YOU PING & MAKE CALLS TOO MUCH - Guys like to feel important. If you're on your phone the whole time during dinner they'll feel like you don't care about them. The solution is to turn your phone off so you can give all your attention to him. Seriously, nothing is so important to having to always be pinging. Think about it and stop it.

4. YOU’RE A PARTY ANIMAL - Guys like to have fun, but they also like to chill out. If you're going out to bars and clubbing like thrice a week, soon your guy will get tired of it. First of all it’s not developmental at all and it’s wastage of time if overdone. So a guy will hate and dump you for that. If you want to be in a committed relationship you have to give up the crazy nights out. I am not saying you will never party, but do it once in a while.

5. SHOWING THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING - Women are smart; we all know this, but some women think they know everything. Nobody likes a know-it-all. When you're constantly trying to prove to a guy that he's wrong it'll eat away at him. Even if you know you're right about something let it slide. It's okay to let someone else have the glory.

6. YOU ARE NOT INDEPENDENT ENOUGH - If whenever your relationship life gets rough you run to your friend, it'll turn a guy off or you have to depend on him for everything financially… it shows you won't be able to handle the bigger problems when they come.

 7. YOU DON’T WORK BUT YOU WANT TO SPEND LIKE A BILLIONIARE - If you want to shop all day long, you better have your own money to do it. Guys don't like having to sweat all day. Many ladies sometimes like competing, they like buying things that they won’t use simply because they don’t suit their standards. They like to possess it and full up their wardrobe simply because she saw her closest female friend with it. Guys dislike this; they will dump you because of being a big spender,trust me.

8. YOU TRY TO CHANGE HIM - Guys like who they are. They are how they are for a reason, basically for a living. If he's a horrible dresser you can buy him a new shirt, but don't force anything on him. If he likes wearing pair of Jeans, T-shirts and sneaks, that is his style… Don’t try to change him to start putting on suits that he is not used to. Just love him the way he is. If you aren't happy with who he is, find somebody else that makes you happy. But remember someone can be so stylish but when he has no true love for you at heart.

9. YOU KEEP CHANGING YOUR MIND AT THE LAST MINUTE -  Guys don't like making a decision and then changing it and then changing it again. If you want to go to more than one place, there's always next weekend.

10. YOU ACT LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDING - There's nothing worse for a guy than when a girl acts like the world is ending because of little things that go wrong.Even if it means a lot to you try to let it go. Guys just blow things off and hope you will to.

11. BEING SO FRIENDLY TO HIS FRIENDS - Guys don't make new friends often. The friends they have are for life. When you try to step in between a guy and his buddies all you're doing is creating a barrier between the two of you. A guy may dump you because of your being so close to his friends. He will feel insecure; he will get jealous and starts losing the trust hence leading to dumping you and even hating his friends for life. Don’t be into his friends so much; don’t communicate with them behind his back unless he is okay with it. Talk to them mostly when he is around with you.

NB: These reasons also apply to guys too

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Music:Dj Spindeeds - Want To Play Me Remix

Our favourite and Award Winning DJ Spindeeds surprises Anijamz (A new dance-hall kid in the block) with a world class deejay remix to his hit single WantTo PlayMe. The newSecretary of DJAN - AKS Chapter took out a little time off his official duty to make a more danceable and cross-genre remix which he regularly dish out On Air and at the Club he plays for. Download and Enjoy and also anticipate the Official Remix of this Hit song later today


New Music:Emmy-J - Testing Microphone

Emmy J returns again with another song that is sure to make a lot of hits. He calls this one "Testing D Mic (#Aug3)". The song is more of a freestyle as he brings back punchlines from latest hit songs on his verses. The ready to dance to song was produced by Emmy J himself and it's nothing you will regret to download.


New Music: Anijamz - Want To Play Me Remix Ft. Kay Dizzle,Sa'Shay

Anijamz returns back with the remix to his hit single he released on new year's day - WantTo PlayMe. The song features Ghana's Kay Dizzle and Nigerian counterpart - SaShay Gaan with Productions from Otyno and Sammie Blacc and Mix|Mastering from Danny P. Download and Enjoy.


New Music:Z,I.Z & Hyphen B - Tune In

Z.I.Z could be described in just one word "CLASSIC". The young rapper, is know for great delivery and dynamic flows and these are just a little of what he is made of. His hit single "SKILLS" produced by Pro-D (Prodizzle) is a judge to his creativity. As a student of Babcock University, He also featured in the schools cypher which was released July 2013. This era of rap music in Nigeria is just what we all have been waiting for, as the future belongs to him.
Satellite Town is know for breeding talented artists. The likes of Sound Sultan and Karma could be a judge to this. "Hyphen B" born and raised in this same area as these greats, has shown great prospect and is know for his top class creativity. He realised a freestyle "just 16" which had thousands of views and downloads. The young artist is growing in skills and just like Z.I.Z, he is known for his great production work.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Video:Rick Ross Sex Video

If you know Rick Ross very well or you a true fan,you will know him even in the darkness,so that had to be him or at least a true copy of him,his tummy is not so obvious because of the position he is lying in.As usual,my view is neutral,so you share your thoughts.

Finally!!Beverly Has Wild Sex With Angelo(Nigerian & South African BBA Reps. Respectively)


Pictured Above Is A Photo of Nigerian BBA Rep. Beverly Osu Making Love To Angelo(South Africa's BBA Rep.).He took her from behind.She was screaming and moaning loudly,hopefully the video will be out soon.Below is the video of their sex scene in a bathtub,although I think some explicit parts where edited out.I think she is the first Nigerian to do this in the BBA house.I don't know what to make of both scenes,so share your thoughts.