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Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Signs You Won't Make A Good Wife

1. You're Too dependent - On him for everything. When you want to buy the smallest thing,you dial his number and ask him to buy it for you.A wife needs to be independent. Be able to run the home when her husband isn’t home and make important decisions when he is busy. You need an independent one not a dependent person. It is a wife you want not a pet. 

2. You're rude - I know no man wants a woman who cannot respect him. Not as a girlfriend, not as a wife. So if you are rude(to him and to every other person around) and you show no traces of changing, he won't bother making you a wife. 

3.You are emotionally unstable - if you are sweet today and go from that to extremely rude and not bothered in the next minute and then obnoxious, then you need to relax a bit. 

Find out what makes you flaky. If you're just that emotionally unstable person, then think twice about the relationship before taking the next step. 
Bigger things come in marriage. If you can’t handle courtship,you won’t be able to handle marriage. 

4. You lie - lying partners are the worst ever. Nobody would want to even be with you in relationships talk less of marriage.

5. You mismanage everything - a woman who would rather buy an expensive weave than spend money on better things or who makes decisions that aren't smart where money is concerned or you would urge your man to spend money on the most expensive things rather than invest in reasonable things would not make a good wife.

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