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Sunday, June 30, 2013



     These are the Top 10 entertaining handles on twitter(minus me tho). if YOU're following them, your TL can never be boring! here we go:


Also known as "the last garri bender". she is in this list not actually for being funny but for the drama that goes on on her TL. hated by a lot of people,
but if you need to watch nollywood movies on twitter(e.g 9K part 1 and 2), follow at your own risk.

9) @dr_yazzy;

Dopest and funniest tweets. A lot of people will wonder why he is not higher in the list. 2 reasons being that 1) i hardly see his tweets, always doing RT4RT. he
needs to strike the right balance.2) a handful of his tweets i've seen on popular websites. he just remodifies them and tweets. he still has a lot of funny and
dope original tweets to make our list. and he should follow back sha.

8) @olapluswale;

very funny personality. the ladies-man. has lots of funny tweets. Also, his reply to tweets always get tweeps ROTFL. so funny that you can slap your father while

7) @friskyjennie;

very funny girl. a lil trouble maker. always tweeting about her twitter crush that nobody knows.. not the finest, but her sense of humour is out of this world

6) @iam_akin;

Also has very cool and funny tweets. Again, he should be higher. although he gets a few tweets from some websites, his original tweets can make you crack your ribs
and summersult while laughing

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5) @PUNaddict;

 Funny guy, with hilarious and dope tweets..always online and tweeting. TL rocker of life! I recommend all arsenal fans to read his favs after every trophyless
season. it will be helpful.

4) @uncle_Ajala;

 i call him uncle laughter. cool and matured guy.. very funny tweets.. dont read his tweets if you're on bike or you may just end up dancing alanta in hell fire. or
maybe heaven if you're still a virgin.

3) @Elcrucifixio;

 very funny. sooooo sarcastic.. very creative and smart tweep.. i once read his tweets in church and ended up in the deliverance room

1) @tweetMOPOL and @Lazywrita. i cant choose. choose for me!

tWeetMOPOL: Controversial, but arguably the funniest handle on twitter. spots tweet-thieves and list makers(dont know how he does that). one tweet
and my whole TL is filled up with LMAOs and LOLs like twitfeed. he should stop RTing his mentions tho.

lazywrita: Extremely funny. arguably the funniest handle on twitter. crazy sense of humor. i was once suspecting that he is actually tweetMOPOL. maybe he is.
but he remains funny to the bone marrow. he should stop RTing his mentions too.

  for these #1 tweeps(lazywrita and tweetmopol), dont read their tweets at a burial because the way you will laugh, they will think you killed the person. LOL

                                                    THAT'S ALL!

   some other funny handles that could not make the list you may want to follow: @am_delly @sir_moby @Bitch_im_starsy @Chydee @mankind47 @ITZ_jackson @datGuyKOFO
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  1. this girl crnks me up always @duchessjazmine dnt knw if she steals most tweets tho buh her bio and replies re off the hook!