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Sunday, June 30, 2013



     These are the Top 10 entertaining handles on twitter(minus me tho). if YOU're following them, your TL can never be boring! here we go:


Also known as "the last garri bender". she is in this list not actually for being funny but for the drama that goes on on her TL. hated by a lot of people,
but if you need to watch nollywood movies on twitter(e.g 9K part 1 and 2), follow at your own risk.

9) @dr_yazzy;

Dopest and funniest tweets. A lot of people will wonder why he is not higher in the list. 2 reasons being that 1) i hardly see his tweets, always doing RT4RT. he
needs to strike the right balance.2) a handful of his tweets i've seen on popular websites. he just remodifies them and tweets. he still has a lot of funny and
dope original tweets to make our list. and he should follow back sha.

8) @olapluswale;

very funny personality. the ladies-man. has lots of funny tweets. Also, his reply to tweets always get tweeps ROTFL. so funny that you can slap your father while

7) @friskyjennie;

very funny girl. a lil trouble maker. always tweeting about her twitter crush that nobody knows.. not the finest, but her sense of humour is out of this world

6) @iam_akin;

Also has very cool and funny tweets. Again, he should be higher. although he gets a few tweets from some websites, his original tweets can make you crack your ribs
and summersult while laughing

HALF TIME NEWS ----- FOLLOW us @Jimi1sblog for entertainment news from around the globe ------- THANKS

5) @PUNaddict;

 Funny guy, with hilarious and dope tweets..always online and tweeting. TL rocker of life! I recommend all arsenal fans to read his favs after every trophyless
season. it will be helpful.

4) @uncle_Ajala;

 i call him uncle laughter. cool and matured guy.. very funny tweets.. dont read his tweets if you're on bike or you may just end up dancing alanta in hell fire. or
maybe heaven if you're still a virgin.

3) @Elcrucifixio;

 very funny. sooooo sarcastic.. very creative and smart tweep.. i once read his tweets in church and ended up in the deliverance room

1) @tweetMOPOL and @Lazywrita. i cant choose. choose for me!

tWeetMOPOL: Controversial, but arguably the funniest handle on twitter. spots tweet-thieves and list makers(dont know how he does that). one tweet
and my whole TL is filled up with LMAOs and LOLs like twitfeed. he should stop RTing his mentions tho.

lazywrita: Extremely funny. arguably the funniest handle on twitter. crazy sense of humor. i was once suspecting that he is actually tweetMOPOL. maybe he is.
but he remains funny to the bone marrow. he should stop RTing his mentions too.

  for these #1 tweeps(lazywrita and tweetmopol), dont read their tweets at a burial because the way you will laugh, they will think you killed the person. LOL

                                                    THAT'S ALL!

   some other funny handles that could not make the list you may want to follow: @am_delly @sir_moby @Bitch_im_starsy @Chydee @mankind47 @ITZ_jackson @datGuyKOFO
                                          FOLLOW THEM AND THANK ME LATER!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Video:Cheating Igbo Woman Caught And Forced To Have Sex In Public

According to reports, her husband caught the cheating wife in the act with her boyfriend,who some say was their "houseboy" and the people in the community took it upon themselves to mete out justice on the woman and her lover. Their judgement: forcing the cheating partners to have sex in the full glare of the public.This incident happened somewhere in Anambra State,Nigeria.

What Do You Think Of This???


Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Dance Beat Competition(Jump On The Beat,Send In Your Recordings,Best Will Be Promoted)

Black Beats a 13 year old Beat Maker and aspiring Producer débuts in style with the retouch of his first beat off his beat library. He call this one Hot Dance Beat and indeed it's hot for real; a kind of beat you'll love to dance Azonto to.
Music Artistes are also free to jump on this beat and try as much as they can to murder it. Recorded songs can be sent to as the best entries will be further promoted. Follow the new kid on Twitter: @BlackBeatsGH

New Music:Puffy - Go Gbaski


Uko - Obong Bassey aka Puffy [@PuffyBassey] is here with a certified dope single titled "Go Gbaski". The Akwa Ibom born Singer/Rapper-cum Songwriter Puffy, signed to LEGEND HOUSE RECORDS Officially debut the music industry in grandstyle having successfully achieved a unique genre of music by combining Afro/Hip Hop that is captivating and appealing to all music lovers. Join the groove and enjoy the flavour of GO GBASKI while waiting for more from the Legend House Star.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Music:Katy Splendor - Wife Material


Catherine Nsor popularly know as "Katy Splendor" is a talented Diva based in Southern Nigeria. Born to a Ghanaian Mother and Nigerian Father. This energetic female vocalist who started singing from childhood is set to take music world by storm. She has worked with other great Artistes in the Nigerian and Ghanaian music industry and now she drops her 1st Official single titled; "Wife Material(African Lady)". She's a Music Artiste and also an Entertainer. Currently Managed by a Safari Awards Nominee. 

Please Download and enjoy!!! 

Follow her on twitter:- @amKaty_Splendor

Wife Material

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"200 Nigerian Girls Are Trafficked To Russia Every Month" - Nigerian Ambassador To Russia

Not even the adverse weather conditions in Russia is enough deterrent for Nigerian human traffickers as no fewer than 200 Nigerian girls are trafficked every month to Russia for prostitution, says Nigeria’s ambassador to Russia, Asam Asam.
Asam, who spoke against the backdrop of consular challenges faced by the embassy, disclosed this  when he fielded questions from journalists.
An investigation revealed that the crime has declined in Western Europe following strict laws on illegal migration, and joint efforts by Nigeria and the governments of those countries to curb the menace.
However, attention has shifted to Eastern Europe as the new destination for the trade. In the last decade, Italy had seemed the capital of human trafficking, especially for young girls who were lured to the country by a mafia gang under the pretext that some house keeping or floor sales jobs had been arranged for them. But they ended up serving as prostitutes on the street of many European countries.
According to Asam, “The major consular challenge we face in Moscow is the influx of trafficked persons from Nigeria, not less than 200 girls are trafficked every month, and we have so many of them exposed to danger.
“Some are thrown out of the window and treated harshly, there must be a way of stopping these racketeering; these girls are not tourists, students or government officials, yet they are given visas from the Russian embassy in Abuja.
“So far we have deported over 240 girls since 2012. You will be shocked at the extent of resistance from the girls. We tell them Russia is not a destination for prostitutes, yet they still come.”
He said the mission tries to curb the menace by arranging deportation exercises for those caught, but the challenges are enormous.
The envoy said such interventions would be more effective at the point of entry, saying “the strategy is to stop them from Nigeria, and fish out those involved in the trade.”
“For instance a well-known Russian human trafficker who has been in the trade for about 20 years was caught in Nigeria. The National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) was on the verge of releasing her before I filed a protest from Moscow to the Comptroller General of Immigration,” Asam stressed.
He said even the parents of those trafficked encourage their children. “I spoke to the mother of one of the girls and she said her daughter should remain in Moscow and try to survive the ordeal, this is very sad indeed coming from one’s parent,” he said.
He tasked the media on sensitising the public on the dangers of trafficking in Russia, saying: “This East European nation has become a new destination for them, and believe me it is a very big crime here.”
Asam, however, said other Nigerians who reside in that country were students and professionals in various fields. Several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) aside from NAPTIP have been involved in the crusade against human trafficking in Nigeria.


Video:L-J Saaaviour - Guns High(Official Video)



DT Entertainment Presents the Official Video for "GUNS HIGH" by L-J a.k.a Saaaviour of Rap, as he dances to the Gallery of his Fans who have Constantly reminded him of the Classic Single off his “BLASPHEMIXTAPE” which hit only a few Websites that were hosted as at 2011 when it was released. This is an equally Classic Video directed by EDDIE BRENDAN.

L-J's Debut Album “SAAAVIOUR OF RAP” has already gotten 4 Singles off it on this Site, plus airing on numerous Radio Stations across West Africa. Enjoy the GUNS HIGH VIDEO.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ukrainian Plane Carrying Suspected Illegal Arms Grounded In Nigeria


Security agents have detained an Ukrainian cargo plane at the Kano International Airport for carrying suspected military hardware.
Vanguard gathered that investigation is ongoing on the owners and the destination of the cargo.
This is coming few weeks after weapons believed to belong to Hezbollah was uncovered in a building belonging to a Lebanese business man in Kano. The items recovered from the building include; 40 air-to-surface missiles, 50 cluster bombs, 200 rocket-propel launcher, eight AK-47 rifles, 200 military hand grenades, uncountable number of live ammunition and certain military hard wares deployed to destroy Armoured Personnel Carriers, APC.
Details later.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kay Dizzle - Dance Azonto(Prod. By Dj Breezy)

Kay Dizzle has performed on the same stage with some of the industry’s Big names like


Blessed with the creative talents of music, Kay Dizzle raps and sings.

Kay Dizzle grew up in Accra, Dansoman to be precise and later moved to the UK. He has been in the industry for a while as a dancer and in 2008 he became part of the group Sonz of Kingz.

In early 2009 Kay Dizzle embarked on a solo career and soon had the airwaves buzzing with his smash hit single ‘African Lady’ which was widely acclaimed in the UK.

He later on got signed to FrenchKiss Records and has released his début mixtape ‘Shine’ on which he features artists like Sarkodie, Ugene, Dexter(KIG Family) and C-Layzie, with hit tracks ‘My Shoe’, ‘Doin it Big’ and the massive remix of ‘Swagger’ by Ruff and Smooth. He later came out with the smash hit single ‘Peak’ which has put Ghanaian music in the UK on the map now.

Kay Dizzle is one of the new breed of stars in the Ghana Music industry.

Shows which Kay Dizzle has performed at include:



This is a brand new release from Ghana's fastest rising star Kay Dizzle. Its an infectious house song with a beat produced by DJ Breezy of Black Avenue Music that is guaranteed to make you dance and nod your head. Kay Dizzle is as versatile as an artiste can get and this is one song that is worth downloading. Enjoy and #DanceAzonto. :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Music:Ani Jamz ft. Kay Dizzle - Want To Play Me Remix(Snippet)

Earlier on this week, AJ (AniJamz) – a fast rising new dance-hall act hooked up with Ghana’s finest act Kay Dizzle (the guy on Sammie Blacc’s Stupid Music) to remix his latest hit single; WantTo PlayMe. All went well and the duo did something you can’t wait to listen to.
While we all anticipate for the official release of the song produced by Otyno, there is a snippet recorded with a phone from the studio speakers you have to listen to. Hear for yourself what Kay Dizzle did for the boy. Download and Enjoy. Drop your Comments as well and anticipate the Official Song.

New Music:Oga Sir - Yes Sir,No Sir(Banky W Cover)

After premièring on #LassBPlaylist with @NsicoMichaels on KRFM, Oga officially releases a classic Rap Joint YES SIR, NO SIR which is a Cover of BankyW's YES/NO.

Listen to his Story as he paints a Picture of how The Police advances into the Streets scouting for a Suspect who has committed an unknown crime. This is a superb Composition if you ask me. Rendition was also at his best.

We need to anticipate more of this from Oga Sir the Self acclaimed former Commissioner of Streetz & Creekz / C-in-C, Lyrical4ces. Download, Listen and Enjoy.

Follow Oga Sir on Twitter @iamOgaSir.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Video:Burna Boy - Run My Race


Top 100 Countries With People Living With Aids



Nigeria is ranked after South Africa as the world's most populated country with aids. Here's a comprehensive list. 

Rank Country HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS
1 South Africa 5,600,000
2 Nigeria 3,300,000
3 India 2,400,000
4 Kenya 1,500,000
5 Mozambique 1,400,000
6 Tanzania 1,400,000
7 Uganda 1,200,000
8 United States 1,200,000
9 Zimbabwe 1,200,000
10 Russia 980,000
11 Zambia 980,000
12 Malawi 920,000
13 China 740,000
14 Cameroon 610,000
15 Thailand 530,000
16 Cote d'Ivoire 450,000
17 Ukraine 350,000
18 Botswana 320,000
19 Indonesia 310,000
20 Lesotho 290,000
21 Vietnam 280,000
22 Ghana 260,000
23 Sudan 260,000
24 Burma 240,000
25 Mexico 220,000
26 Chad 210,000
27 Angola 200,000
28 Burundi 180,000
29 Namibia 180,000
30 Swaziland 180,000
31 Rwanda 170,000
32 Colombia 160,000
33 France 150,000
34 Italy 140,000
35 Central African Republic 130,000
36 Spain 130,000
37 Haiti 120,000
38 Togo 120,000
39 Argentina 110,000
40 Burkina Faso 110,000
41 Malaysia 100,000
42 Pakistan 98,000
43 Iran 92,000
44 United Kingdom 85,000
45 Guinea 79,000
46 Congo, Republic of the 77,000
47 Mali 76,000
48 Peru 75,000
49 Canada 68,000
50 Germany 67,000
51 Nepal 64,000
52 Cambodia 63,000
53 Guatemala 62,000
54 Niger 61,000
55 Benin 60,000
56 Senegal 59,000
57 Dominican Republic 57,000
58 Sierra Leone 49,000
59 Gabon 46,000
60 Portugal 42,000
61 Chile 40,000
62 Honduras 39,000
63 Liberia 37,000
64 Ecuador 37,000
65 El Salvador 34,000
66 Papua New Guinea 34,000
67 Somalia 34,000
68 Jamaica 32,000
69 Uzbekistan 28,000
70 Poland 27,000
71 Morocco 26,000
72 Eritrea 25,000
73 Madagascar 24,000
74 Netherlands 22,000
75 Guinea-Bissau 22,000
76 Australia 20,000
77 Equatorial Guinea 20,000
78 Panama 20,000
79 Gambia, The 18,000
80 Algeria 18,000
81 Switzerland 18,000
82 Belarus 17,000
83 Romania 16,000
84 Austria 15,000
85 Trinidad and Tobago 15,000
86 Djibouti 14,000
87 Belgium 14,000
88 Mauritania 14,000
89 Kazakhstan 13,000
90 Paraguay 13,000
91 Moldova 12,000
92 Bolivia 12,000
93 Yemen 12,000
94 Egypt 11,000
95 Libya 10,000
96 Estonia 9,900
97 Uruguay 9,900
98 Costa Rica 9,800
99 Kyrgyzstan 9,800
100 Korea, South 9,500

Source:The Nigerian Gazette

Video:Timaya - Sexy Ladies


      Here is Timaya with a new video for his nationwide hit song "Sexy ladies".Some people think the video is too dark,some say the beat is tight,some say the song is monotonous,some say its too explicit.Watch and share your thoughts.......

New Music:Henry Mic - Whyne It On Me


           Henry damola oloyede is popularly known by many in europe as henrymic.he loves to sing and entertain people,(many says i love his stage prescence and his unique style) in ukraine where he has won the heart of many with his sounds and versatility, making music no 1 priority,listen to his new music tittled "whyne it on me". 

twitter:@iamhenrymic instagram:@henrymic facebook: henrymic oloyede

Whyne It On Me

Thursday, June 6, 2013

7 Things That Are Stopping You From Living The Life You Want

If you get decent value from making TO-DO lists, you’ll also get significant returns – in productivity, in improved relationships, in financial stability, and in heightened levels of happiness – from adding certain things to a TO-DON’T list.
As you may have guessed, a TO-DON’T list’ is a list of things not to do. It might seem a bit amusing, but it’s an incredibly useful tool for keeping track of unproductive habits like these:

1. Worrying about the wrong people.
The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County, they’ll survive without you. The family members and friends of Duck Dynasty, they won’t notice your absence if you stop watching their show. Even the private lives of your elected politicians and local public figures mean nothing in the grand scheme of your own life.
But your significant other, your friends, your children, your siblings, extended family members, business partners, employees and customers – these are the people who truly matter to you. Give them your time and attention. They’re the ones who deserve it.
And as you meet new individuals, be polite, but don’t try to be best friends with everyone. Take things slow and remain focused on your core people – the individuals whose absence would immediately make your life less fulfilling.

2. Focusing all your attention on future events instead of present moments.
This moment will never happen again. Look around. Cherish your time as you’re living it. Work towards something, but enjoy the journey of getting from here to there. Experience each step. Don’t succumb to a vicious cycle of overbearing productivity that forces you to constantly think about every imaginable time and place except right here, right now.
It’s often hard to tell the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. And someday you will likely discover that the small moments you’re living now are really the big ones worth dreaming about. So learn to appreciate what you HAVE NOW before time forces you appreciate what you HAD THEN.

3. Delaying decisions.
Sometimes it doesn’t take as much strength to do things as it does to decide what to do.
Life is filled with difficult decisions. As you move through life you will come up on many forks in the road where both paths look equally as promising. The important thing is not which path you choose, but that you do in fact choose a path.
Deciding sometimes hurts. Not knowing which path to take can be painful. But nothing is more disheartening than never making a decision. If you never choose a road, you will never know where it leads. So when you’re faced with two equally good options, don’t be one of the people who choose the third option: to not choose.

4. Saying “yes” when you really mean “no.”
Stop over-committing. While saying “yes” can take you down some wonderful roads, there’s also a ton of value in saying “no.” Your time in life is extremely limited; do you really want to give it away so easily?
If you don’t have time to commit to a new project, fulfill a favor, etc., it’s a good idea to just say “no.” Refusing a new request from friends, family, customers, etc. can be difficult, but rarely is it as stressful as over-committing and leaving no time for yourself.
The ambition to be successful in life is not always the biggest challenge, narrowing the number of commitments to be successful in is. Even when you have the knowledge and ability to access highly productive states, you get to a point where being simultaneously productive on too many fronts at once causes all activities to slow down, stand still, and sometimes even slide backwards.
Bottom line: Say no when you know you should.

5. Buying stuff you don’t need.
Proper money management is one of the most beneficial skills we can master to create a comfortable, happy future for ourselves, and yet it’s a skill that we are often culturally cut off from understanding. The consumerist society we live in tries to make us feel that happiness lies in owning things and continuously buying new things, and fails to teach us about the happiness not found in things.
When external influences suddenly motivate you to consider a new purchase, ask yourself this: “Is this thing I’m thinking of purchasing really better than the things I already have? Do I really need it? Or am I just being persuaded to be displeased with what I have now?”
You’ve heard the saying, “The best things in life are free.” Believe it. Spending time with friends, laughing, enjoying the antics of a pet, seeing a child smile, experiencing intimate and heart-felt moments with a significant other – these gifts are precious and free. Money brings comfort, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying that comfort. But it’s important to spend money on the things that matter to you, and let go of spending that doesn’t add value to your life. Spend on what you need, but don’t forget why you’re buying what you’re buying, or the spending will become a destructive habit.

6. Gossiping.
Gossip is the evil. If you want to know something about someone, ask. Don’t assume; that’s how gossip grows and spreads.
If you’ve talked to more than one person about something someone else is doing, it’s time to step forward and actually talk to the person you’ve been talking about. And if it’s truly ‘not your place’ to talk to this person, it’s likely ‘not your place’ to talk about them either.
Ultimately, you should focus on judging less, loving more, and resisting the temptation to gossip about others, or portray them in a poor light. Be impeccable with your words. Speak with integrity. Avoid using your words to gossip about others. Use the power of your voice to spread truth and love only.

7. Filling every waking moment with activity.
Downtime is imperative. In all walks of life, the highest human performance occurs when there is equilibrium between activity and rest. This is due to the fact that the human body is designed to labor in short pulses, and requires rest and renewal at regular intervals, both physically and mentally. In other words, your productive working days should look something like this: activity, short rest, activity, short rest, etc.
Make time every day to not be busy. Have dedicated downtime moments – clear points in the day to reflect, rest and recharge. Don’t fool yourself; you’re not so busy that you can’t afford a few minutes of sanity.
You deserve quiet moments away from the daily hustle, in which no problems are confronted, no solutions are explored, and no demands are being made of your time. At least twice a day, while you’re awake, withdraw yourself from the sources of stress that refuse to withdraw from you. Do so for a few minutes and simply be and breathe.

The Kind Of People You Really Need To Get Out Of Your Life


1. The contender
He worked hard to get better grades than you in school, tried to win all the girls’ attention, compared notes on who took the better holiday, and is now comparing your kid with his. Why are you still friends? Healthy competition between friends keeps both parties motivated. But if the camaraderie is about outdoing each other, your friend is your biggest competitor. So, tell him, ciao.
2. The MIA friend
She missed wishing you on your birthday, failed to turn up when you lost your grand mum. She is almost always busy when you call, and replies to text messages after a week, When you do make plans, she cancels last minute. Let this friend go. Face it; she does not respect your place in her life.
3. The commitment phobe
You’ve become his ‘run to’ person, yet he won’t pop the question. Like it or not, this person is just not that into you. Pursuing a relationship with someone who is taking it nowhere can result in damaged self-esteem. Better save your time and energy for someone who wants to be with you.
4. The smarty pants
Nothing is good enough for her. No matter how hard you try, she nitpicks – about your clothes, hair, car, dog’s breed. True friends don’t do that. Remember, when you allow someone to make you feel like rubbish about yourself, you lend more power to their burgeoning ego. Ask yourself, what does this do to yours? It leaves you insecure.
5. The sulk pot
It is all about their misery. And if you don’t give them a patient ear, they take off on a guilt trip. Take a break from this blundering person. Human beings feed of each other’s energies. If you’re constantly in their company, chances are, you too will turn into one.
6. The office spouse
Either you or he is hitched. Yet, that doesn’t stop you from indulging in some harmless flirtatious banter. But you need to set boundaries if you wish to preserve your sanity. It’s best to nip it in the bud, before things go out of hand. Steer clear from this temptation if you don’t want to end up losing your job and friend.
7. The gossip girl
No point pretending to be someone who doesn’t care about what’s happening at the workplace. It’s okay to take a break and indulge in some tittle-tattle with the gossip monger. But is this little birdie tweeting at your desk way too often? Why go there?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Music: D-Force - Shekpesin


      As wafarians, slang are never too difficult to formulate. Shekpesin the current slang on the lips of those who are  lovers of alcohol inspired these Wafarians(D-Force) to create a song on it. A dance hall song for club lovers and bet you will all love to get on your feet when u hear this, We all love to party but not all of us can afford a bottle of rozay,,'head burn' but we can afford a little dope dust and party.


New Music : Johnny Blaze - Idi Samba ft. Frankie Free

         Johnnyblaze who is a south born first made his debut single "I NO GO LIE" sometime last year,which was produced by Frankie Free.The song gained vast recognition in the South-South of Nigeria where he hails from.
        The RnB,Pop singer is also a qualified mechanical engineer who just graduated from Delta state polytechnic.
        The Multi-talented entertainer is Back with a Brand new single which he calls Idi Samba" and Features South-South Top artiste and Producer 'Frankie Free".
        This is a tune for ages as it will leave u rocking the dance floor like its your birthday.
        Song produced by Frankie Free marking one of the official singles from his yet to be released Debut Album which is currently in works with other top profile artiste and producers around Nigeria.

Contact info- 

Idi Samba

Video:Part 1 & 2 Of Afrocandy's Destructive Instinct(18+)


         This is the trailer of part 1 and 2 of musician and mother of 2 turned porn-star Afrocandy.It was shot on  location in Nigeria unlike the part 3 and 4.It contains live sex scenes and very poor storyline and cinematography as usual.

Beverly Osu Nigeria's BBA Representative Shares Her Nude Photos



                     I see someone trying to be like Karen Igho.......................................

Sure Signs She Is A Player


Not everyone can be glued to their phone but with a player you’ll quickly notice that communicating throughout the day is hit or miss. One day you’ll be texting back and forth for hours and the next day you don’t hear a peep from her. Inconsistent communication is a big red flag.

There isn’t a thing wrong with being nice to people and for some being friendly is just their personality. However, a player will make flirtation and friendliness her best known skill. Clearly she’s using flirtation to make sure every man she meets remains a possibility.

Does the girl you’re interested in agree to a date but cancel at the last minute? When you do go on a date is she often late? Does she refuse to respond to emails and texts from you? If so, she clearly thinks you aren’t worth her time and her schedule comes first.

She’ll maybe have time to see you tomorrow. She’ll maybe be able to come over and watch a movie for the night. When maybe becomes her go-to answer for nearly everything, maybe she’s a player. Okay, she most likely is a player.

You don’t go out and do things publicly. When you drink you two are drinking at home. Eating a nice dinner doesn’t mean going to a restaurant but ordering from the local Chinese place. If your relationship is kept quiet and out of the public, she’s hiding you from something.

This girl has her ex boyfriends on speed dial. She talks to them on a weekly basis. She knows what her ex’s plans are. When a girl is really close to a lot of her ex boyfriends, it shows that she leaves on good terms, moves on quickly, and doesn’t have a clue what heartbreak is.

Yes it’s rude to talk on the phone when you two are together but when the phone does ring, she takes the call to another room. Other times she’ll ignore the call saying it’s no one important. At the end of the day, she won’t talk on the phone with you around because it’s probably another guy on the line.

Things Men Hate The Most And Find Unattractive In Women


Curses like a sailor
If I can’t bring you home to momma,we can’t roll. I can’t stand a woman who every word out her mouth is n word this, f word that,very rude and who would abuse and insult at the slightest provocation. Once again, have a cup of class and act like a lady not a garbage man.

Sense of Entitlement
Ladies have you ever hung out with one of your friends who feels the need to tell you, the men you’re hanging with and anyone within an earshot how she never has to pay for drinks. I always wonder, does she have any money to pay for the drinks she likes to gulp down? Or the women, who are eager to go out, even suggest it but they think the guy should pay for everything. Listen, chivalry is not dead but women who act as though they are entitled to a man’s wallet got to go. It’s unattractive and it’s downright classless. And listen I’m talking about the ladies who think it’s beneath them to stand on the lines at the club too. Are you famous, do you know the bouncer? If the answer is no, shut up and get to the back of the line, we don’t need the fuss.

Angry for no damn reason
Some of y’all are taking this feminism thing too far — you’re lashing out at men every chance you get and we’re tired of it. #whohurtyou No but seriously, no one likes the angry woman, who’s always angry, never smiles and is extremely difficult to be around. It’s unattractive. Believe it or not, a lot of women have this angry friend if they’re not the angry one and that’s a turn off too. Yes, you are judged by the company you keep. We all meet up for drinks and you got the angry one with you, no one is going to have a good time. Leave her in the house commenting recklessly on blogs and if it’s you please just stay away. Thank you.

Unkept Private Areas
*Hums* “Sometimes I shave my legs sometimes I don’t’. That’s cool and all but I’m going to need you to shave under your arms because that hair brings funk. This brings me to your next private area — the vajayjay (I prefer the P word but this is a family friendly site). If you need a weedwacker down there, that’s a problem. (No one likes wolf punani.) I’m not asking you to get a Brazilian; those things are expensive and painful. But I need you to trim up a little. Give yourself an edge up so your privates resemble a well manicured lawn rather than a jungle safari in the middle of the Congo.

Bad Hair
I’m not Chris Rock and I’m not here to preach about women with that “good hair”, you know… the ones with Indian in their family. Nope not this post. But can we talk about that funky smelling weave with the tracks showing because that’s not a good look.  Or my natural sisters — who think dry and flaky is the new it do. We ain’t feeling you neither as Star from Star & Buckwild would say. Just do your hair, I’m not asking you to apply all types of chemicals, or pay Beyoncé money for a lace front. I just want you to look presentable for yourself not for me.

Video:First Sex In B.B.A. 2013: Bolt and Betty(Viewer Discretion 18+)


           Just 3 days in the house and they couldn't hold it,both of them I'm sure had relationships before BBA. Anyway watch the video below,the first sex in Big Brother Africa 2013.Starring Bolt of Sierra Leone and Betty of Ethiopia.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"We've Spent 8 years In Just 300 Level" Medical Students Of University Of Abuja Protest


Monday morning, medical students of the University of Abuja blocked entrance to the school, protesting stalled medical programmes at Uniabuja without accreditation.
The students demanded to be transferred to other universities, complaining they were tired of the school authorities “lying to us, deceiving us, wasting our productive years.”
They have also demanded that the university pay each medical student N10 million each in compensation for the “torture” of attending school for nearly a decade without accreditation.

The peaceful protest prompted the cancellation of examinations set for thousands of distance-learning students.
Early on, the students were met with heavy campus security intent on forcing open the school gates, which the protesters had sealed. Students claim security forced the gates open and threw stones at them, with one insisting one of the security officers ‘used a knife’ on him.
Security “broke down the lock we kept on the gate, they started stoning,” he said. “We were on our own. I was sitting in front of the gate. All of a sudden something came on [my back]. I turned back to see what happened, then I saw a cutlass.”
Officials insist school authorities could not have ordered heavy and armed crackdown on protesting students.
Moves to accredit medical sciences at University of Abuja have been stalled for long, and students say they cannot afford to keep waiting indefinitely.
“People who were still in secondary school when we started medical school have already graduated, but look at us,” lamented Uchenna. “We just want to be transferred to other schools. Let’s start out lives.”
Their justification for a N10 million compensation comes from how much money they have committed to studies for the past eight years — yearly tuition, off-campus accommodation costing up to N200,000 per year.
“It was never our fault. It was in JAMB brochure we applied for medicine at University of Abuja,” said Uchenna.
Among placards on display, one read: “8 years and still in 300 level”
Without MBBS exams since 2005, the medical students — more than 100 of them so far — have never officially reached their fourth year of medical study.
“Most of our students have been at home for the past five years. It is an infringement on our right to education. All the final-year students in this school met me in this school. For how long will this continue?” asks one student. “I will only leave this school when they gave me transfer, and I want the transfer to be done within the shortest possible time. We are tired of waiting for school management that are inept in getting issues done.”
Another student says: “Because hostel accommodation are not enough, we pay N250,000 every year. This is enough for us to go outside Nigeria to school and we are hoping that one day we will graduate from a university in Nigeria — and someone is sitting upon it playing politics with out future. We want to be transferred from University of Abuja. We have been posted for too long.”

Bollywood Actress Jiah Khan Allegedly Commits Suicide


Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, who made her debut starring opposite acting legend Amitabh Bachchan, died in an apparent suicide at her home in the Indian city of Mumbai, police said on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old Khan, who grew up in London before moving to India for a career in Bollywood, was found dead in her home by her family, an officer said. Police were interviewing her neighbours, the officer said, adding that no suicide note was found.

“We suspect she hung herself at her home” late on Monday, a police official told AFP, saying that her body has been sent for a post-mortem.

Khan, who was born in New York before moving to London and then Mumbai, made her Bollywood debut in 2007 with the controversial film “Nishabd” (No words), playing the role of a teenager in love with her best friend’s much older father, played by Bachchan.

The movie received average reviews because of its provocative storyline but Khan was praised for her bold acting.
Khan, who changed her name from Nafisa Khan, went on to star alongside actor Aamir Khan in “Ghajini”, a box-office hit.

Video:Zimbabwean BBA House Mate Pokello's Sex Tape(Warning 18+)

It seems for some people,the "Kim Kardashan" way is the only way to fame and success.Below is the infamous sex tape of Zimbabwean BBA representative Pokello and her ex-boyfriend Desmond Chideme a.k.a Stunner.It was recorded on his iphone in his house.


WARNING!!!:Viewer Discretion Is Advised(18+)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Exclusive:Halle - Na Na Na


              Sexy singer "Halle", whose "dotty Shower" track is still receiving major air play on radio and TV, is here again with a sure club hit titled "Na Na Na". This jam is all kinds of "LAMBA", and you've got to love it . Halle is signed on to A.N.I Entertainment.

Na Na Na