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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nigerian Musician Bracket Diagnosed With Cancer

         Nwachukwu Ozioko, popularly known as Vast from the popular singing group, Bracket, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma - cancer of the blood.
vast of bracket cancervast of bracket

         Vast was diagnosed in February this year after suffering serious body pains, headaches, non stop coughing, loss of weight and weakness while in Paris for a show. He flew to London where a test showed that he had cancerous cells.
        Vast has been receiving treatment at the Wellington Hospital in the UK since February and thanks to God the news is that he’s responding very well to treatment. He has undergone 4 cycles of chemotherapy with each cycle costing about N1.4million. He will do a few more before returning to Nigeria next month.
       The talented singer previously visited a hospital in Nigeria late last year when he started losing weight and feeling weak. Tests were conducted on him but it took over three months to get back with the results; by then the cancer had spread to his liver.
                                                     vast of bracket cancer (2)
                                                             Please pray for him.
The question on my mind is;since when did Nigerians start developing cancer at this rate and at a very early age?,you and I know it was not like this before,and the rate is growing rapidly lately.

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