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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nigerian 6th Year Medical Student Studying In Ukraine Dies Of Liver Cancer

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                  In my own opinion,this is the worst thing I've heard this year,not too long ago a medical student died in the Southern Ukrainian State of Crimea in a road accident,now this!.Writing sad stories especially when I happen to know the people involved is really sad.Kingsley Nwabuisi pictured above until yesterday was a final year medical student of the Lugansk State Medical University,Ukraine.He was Diagnosed with cancer of the liver recently and was flown to an Indian Hospital for urgent operation.A fund raising campaign was initiated on his behalf and it was making head way(See Video Above).I met him on few occasions and all I can remember is that he was gentle never even knew he was Nigerian taught he was Ghanaian he was too humble for a Nigerian,too nice,he is not your normal Nigerian guy he was too good.He passed away yesterday according to a fund raising committee set up to raise funds for the operation while he left.Now it seems it was all in vain.Lord Have Mercy!.May His Ever Gentle Soul Rest In Peace.Read quote below: 
1. After arrival in India, the hospital started diagnostic procedures, while administering supportive therapy on him.
2. His condition improved remarkably within the first 4 days in India and he began to feed and feel better
3. When all the results from diagnostic tests were out it was discovered that his hematologic and hemodynamic indices were very bad. Therefore, at the meeting of the Doctors last Thursday it was decided that all forms of invasive and radical therapies (including surgery) could not be commenced until these indices were brought under control.
4. On Saturday, his condition deteriorated. On Sunday he was transferred to the ICU of the hospital where efforts were made to control his vitals. Unfortunately the efforts of the Doctors of the hospital were futile.

5. It is therefore with so much sorrow that we announce to us all that KINGSLEY NWABUISI DIED in the afternoon of yesterday, Sunday 5th day of May 2013.
6. It is indeed a very trying time for us all. We are sad that our efforts to keep him with us were in vain.
7. We thank you all for your contributions, support and prayers. We shall make an account of the funds collected so far. The excess funds we have remaining will be sent to his family to help them with funeral arrangements.
8. May the eternal light of God shine on him and may God grant his soul a peaceful rest in Heaven. Amen.
Thank you
Source:Kingsley Nwabuisi Health fund committee


  1. This is truly sad news except for the fact Kingsley knew his Redeemer our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. In Ukraine and in other countries with an Eastern Orthodox tradition Easter was celebrated yesterday. How fitting for a man who dedicated his life to saving lives physically and spiritually would meet Jesus on the day we celebrate the Resurrection! Because of Jesus, Kingsley had true hope and could share that hope with those he served in learning how to become a physician. Thank you God for the life of Kingsley and comfort his family and friends with the fact that death ultimately has no victory over those who share faith in Christ.