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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Music : 2Face - Rainbow Remix ft. T-Pain


Rainbow Remix

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Black Berry Messenger(BBM) To Be On Android And iPhone This Summer


BlackBerry's free messaging app is set for a summer debut on its rivals' platforms.
BBM is one of the reasons why, despite recent misfortunes, BlackBerry still has a firm foothold in the youth market. The free messaging service is the ideal feature for people who can't afford large data plans and, when combined with a real QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry becomes the perfect smartphone for high school students. A real keyboard means that messages can be quickly and surreptitiously touch-typed.
BBM or BlackBerry Messenger, to give it its full name, supports group as well as one-to-one chats and supports image and audio as well as text messages.
"For BlackBerry, messaging and collaboration are inseparable from the mobile experience, and the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for BlackBerry customers, enabling them to easily connect while maintaining a valued level of personal privacy. We're excited to offer iOS and Android users the possibility to join the BBM community," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President, Software Product Management and Ecosystem, at BlackBerry.
However, as good as BBM is even without a real keyboard, it is no longer unique. iPhone users have iMessage for sending free text messages, and paid apps such as WhatsApp bring the same features to both iOS and Android phones for a small initial fee. Therefore, some will argue that BlackBerry's move, though a good one, is coming two years too late. However, by offering the app to other platforms, BlackBerry is ensuring that consumers both young and old who are tempted by BlackBerry can buy a handset, knowing that friends and family without BlackBerry devices will be able to message them free of charge.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Official Video: M.I. - Chairman


           He really showed he a chairman on this one.Nice one @MI_Abaga. For those who hating "have you eaten today"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exclusive:Wizkid - Only Man She Want Freestyle

                                          Wizkid Wizkid   ONLY MAN SHE WANT [Remix]
          Wizzzy aka Wizkid Jumps on Popcaan's "Only Man She Want" beat,few weeks after signing some hot acts on his new label.

Only Man She Want

Friday, May 10, 2013

Brand New: Wande Coal Ft. Don Jazzy


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hilarious Video:Girl Gangs Up With Friends To Beat Cheating Boyfriend

American girls could be really crazy though!!,this kind of thing sure cant happen in Nigeria,at least the guy won't let himself get beaten that way.This guy was set up by his girlfriend and the girl he was cheating with,and they beat his ass crazy while another friend videoed.


Nigerian Musician Bracket Diagnosed With Cancer

         Nwachukwu Ozioko, popularly known as Vast from the popular singing group, Bracket, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma - cancer of the blood.
vast of bracket cancervast of bracket

         Vast was diagnosed in February this year after suffering serious body pains, headaches, non stop coughing, loss of weight and weakness while in Paris for a show. He flew to London where a test showed that he had cancerous cells.
        Vast has been receiving treatment at the Wellington Hospital in the UK since February and thanks to God the news is that he’s responding very well to treatment. He has undergone 4 cycles of chemotherapy with each cycle costing about N1.4million. He will do a few more before returning to Nigeria next month.
       The talented singer previously visited a hospital in Nigeria late last year when he started losing weight and feeling weak. Tests were conducted on him but it took over three months to get back with the results; by then the cancer had spread to his liver.
                                                     vast of bracket cancer (2)
                                                             Please pray for him.
The question on my mind is;since when did Nigerians start developing cancer at this rate and at a very early age?,you and I know it was not like this before,and the rate is growing rapidly lately.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exclusive: Rafael O - Too Much + Oluwa ni(It's God)


      Ayomikun Rapheal Olowu popularly called "Rafael - O" is one of Nigeria's fastest rising R&B Gospel acts, he's a multi talented songwriter, singer, Keyboardist and performer who started his career with the church choir at the age of 7 by playing  percussions. At the age of 14, he had mastered the piano, thus becoming his church's lead Keyboardist. To further horn his musical skills, "Rafael - O" had a formal music training at "Tenstrings Music School" to learn more about music (Voicing). This Ondo state born vocalist holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from Madonna University.

     In his secondary school days as a keyboardist, he was part of a music band that played in shows and concerts within Nigeria. In the beginning of his career, he has at different times been back up singer for several super stars. Today he prides himself in the fact that his music is a rich blend of originality, good blend of traditional and contemporary styles.Rafael- O's releases his debut singles titled "Oluwa ni"produced by Segun and "Too Much" produced by E-kelly.

Too Much

Oluwa ni

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video:Nigerian Musician Releases Porn Movie

                           Header Image 
     Here is another attempt to fast fame.Poor cinematography,poor acting its very obvious all she wanted to depict was the sex,and its really shameful because she is 41 and a mother of 2,it would surprise you the kind of things Nigerian women do these days for fame and money!!!,she is not the only one,there are thousands of them out there,and most definitely,this is not the end,guess we have to face the reality,that some Nigerian women are becoming more daring,so don't be surprised to see more Nigerian porn movies,because we love to copy everything whether good or bad,thanks our Ghanaian neighbours for the push.Read her interview with Nigerian Standard Newspaper below:


How did you come into the Nollywood industry? 
I started acting in Nigerian movie since 2003 and most of my films then were very appreciated by the people, since I receive feedback in over 80 movies I have acted. Back in Nigeria, I could not do the daring moves I am undertaking here in America.

When did you come to America? 
I migrated to the United States in 2005 with my ‘Green Card’ and was married like one year plus. And due to much envy, inferiority complex and insecurity of my former husband in Nigeria, we parted ways. But on arrival in America, life was so tough, very challenging as a mother of two. After a long while, I later took part in Hollywood films.

Are you not planning to re-marry?
I have not seen my right match since I am still in search of Mr. Right, who must be wealthy, I don’t care whether he is handsome or ugly.

 How did you enter into music? 
Oh, since my rent was almost expiring and I could no longer cope with the bills, since I was about to be evicted from my house; I looked at my children and I asked God for help. Then, I did not know there was something the American Government calls ‘Welfare’ for the United States citizens. It was then I knew that once you have your legal papers in America, the government can help you out of your financial predicament. Moreover, as a single mother of two children, it was indeed tough, but God showed up for me. When I slept, I heard myself singing the dream. I told my children the kind of song I sang. And my eldest daughter advised me to record the song, since it could be a hit. In the course of making further enquiries, I met a guy who introduced me to the music producer of one of the largest record labels here in New Jersey. After he had listened to my plight and song, he told me that their record label could sign me on only if I use my feminine talent to change the brand of the song and made it sexy in all ramifications. He gave me a day to go write my new sexy lyrics and I told him in 30 minutes my new sexy song would be ready. That I delivered and the producer was very happy.  That was when he gave me microphone for the first time in his studio. He said I don’t want you to be singing like a struggling mother, just ensure your song is very sexy.

Is it true that you are a sex symbol? 
Right, I am a sex symbol.

In one of your movie videos, there was a scene where a guy was on the bed where he had his hands on your nipples and your butt. Was that real? 
Yeah, the romantic scenes were real. His hand was also on my ass squeezing it very hard.

You mean the guy actually squeezed your boobs? 
Of course, he really touched and squeezed my boobs.

Do you have surgical breast enlargement? 
Never, my boobs are natural and make me beautiful, since they are full.

Does your ass compliment your shape? 
Yeah, my butt is moderate and it is really a compliment to my shape because I know I am beautiful.

What is the sexiest part of your body? 
Every parts of my body are sexy.

Are you ‘high’ when you go on stage? 
When I am happy or angry, I get ‘high’ if I were to be on music stage. I don’t take drugs.

So, what other sexy projects are you planning? 
I am going to produce an all-porn movie soon which I would produce and may act in there. All the characters in the movies would engage in live sex because I am so daring.

Can you go naked on stage for top celebrity shows? 
Of course I can go full naked on music stage if the circumstance and situation demand it. The celebrities in there would also determine that.

Tell us about your music? 
My first single is titled ‘Somebody help me’. I have two singles out in the market now ‘Juju Woman’ and ‘No Time for Haters.’

Say five years from now, what height do we expect your movies and music to have attained? 
I assure you that globally every music or fun-loving people who cherish undiluted entertainment would be on our page.

Are you part of the team that produced ‘Mapouka’ that sexy music video where live sex was in display?
Lots of people kept asking me that same question-the truth is, I am never a part of Mapouka music video team. I am aware the producer of that sexy music video has made lots of fame from it since he actually tried to invite me over to take part and I declined by saying ‘No’.

How were you raped at 19 years?  
At 19 years I was sent an errand by my parent. Along the way, I was raped and disvirgined by a man, who later became a Reverend Father. 

Was the guy arrested and punished for his crime?  
I kept quiet because I knew that my Mum being a strict disciplinarian would have finished the man and he may probably have ended in ‘jail.’ Before his ordination, he later came looking for me and begged me fervently. I later saw him after several years and I told him what he did was bad and he apologized again on his knees.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Nigerian 6th Year Medical Student Studying In Ukraine Dies Of Liver Cancer

                                             cancer transplant

                  In my own opinion,this is the worst thing I've heard this year,not too long ago a medical student died in the Southern Ukrainian State of Crimea in a road accident,now this!.Writing sad stories especially when I happen to know the people involved is really sad.Kingsley Nwabuisi pictured above until yesterday was a final year medical student of the Lugansk State Medical University,Ukraine.He was Diagnosed with cancer of the liver recently and was flown to an Indian Hospital for urgent operation.A fund raising campaign was initiated on his behalf and it was making head way(See Video Above).I met him on few occasions and all I can remember is that he was gentle never even knew he was Nigerian taught he was Ghanaian he was too humble for a Nigerian,too nice,he is not your normal Nigerian guy he was too good.He passed away yesterday according to a fund raising committee set up to raise funds for the operation while he left.Now it seems it was all in vain.Lord Have Mercy!.May His Ever Gentle Soul Rest In Peace.Read quote below: 
1. After arrival in India, the hospital started diagnostic procedures, while administering supportive therapy on him.
2. His condition improved remarkably within the first 4 days in India and he began to feed and feel better
3. When all the results from diagnostic tests were out it was discovered that his hematologic and hemodynamic indices were very bad. Therefore, at the meeting of the Doctors last Thursday it was decided that all forms of invasive and radical therapies (including surgery) could not be commenced until these indices were brought under control.
4. On Saturday, his condition deteriorated. On Sunday he was transferred to the ICU of the hospital where efforts were made to control his vitals. Unfortunately the efforts of the Doctors of the hospital were futile.

5. It is therefore with so much sorrow that we announce to us all that KINGSLEY NWABUISI DIED in the afternoon of yesterday, Sunday 5th day of May 2013.
6. It is indeed a very trying time for us all. We are sad that our efforts to keep him with us were in vain.
7. We thank you all for your contributions, support and prayers. We shall make an account of the funds collected so far. The excess funds we have remaining will be sent to his family to help them with funeral arrangements.
8. May the eternal light of God shine on him and may God grant his soul a peaceful rest in Heaven. Amen.
Thank you
Source:Kingsley Nwabuisi Health fund committee