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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wife Of "My Oga At The Top" Crooner Storms Channels Tv

"Don't Judge My Husband at His Hour of Error" "My Kids at School at ridiculed by their mates"
"Our Neighbours and Fellow Market women make jest of me everyday" "My Husband can't sleep at Night any more because of the Video"

       The wife of the NSCDC Commandant that was ridiculed in the crazy "My Oga At The Top" video was reported to have forced her way into Channels TV studio today to protest bitterly to the chairman of Channels on the damages the crazy video has caused his family.

       She cried that her kids at school are been ridiculed everyday by their mates. On her part, her neighbours and fellow market women make jest of her everyday. She say that the worse of the issue is that her husband can't sleep at night again because of the terrible embarrassment the video has caused him.

        In fact she says the man cry every night and also, the so called Oga at the Top is even contemplating sacking or demoting the man because of the damages the video has caused NSCDC.
[Before this woman came back from the protest at Channels TV, Her Husband has received a call about his suspension].

In a related development,Ruggedman has condemned the act,read the tweets below:

  1. Help me ask o RT : Iz dere any big deal by completin it for him by sayin ...
  2. God bless u RT : It wz obviouz dt d officer needed a help wit d web id n dey fail to assist ...

  1. I don tweet my mind n i go still tweet more,its either u luv me or u hate me in peace or war. E dnt change nuffin lol. God bless
  2. Now u can all go back to laughing abt
  3. POINT BEING- as a tv host,if your guest doesnt have d answer to a ?,u dnt keep askin him/her d same ?. .
  4. Yes he didnt know it n d question exposed dat.Movin on to d nxt question would av been d right thing to do
  5. You should protect the guest as well while remembering that he is not omniscience. Via of
  6. D point has been obvious dat after asking him twice,he couldn't come up with a tangible answer.y ...
  7. Wrong to hammer on a question d guest obviously doesnt av an answer for RT : Brk it down. Wrong to ...
  8. The crew were highly unprofessional n made it too obvious dey were out to ridicule d man.
  9. Oga at d top is trendin bt no one has condemned d distasteful way d crew ridiculed a guest on a live TV show.
  10. ,the unruly way ur presenters handled the situation goes against modern journalism.via of
  11. as an artiste to you,i am highly disappointed at those presenters.

In my honest opinion,it could have been anybody,probably your friend or brother,so I agree with Ruggedy Baba,lets tamper justice with mercy,I know Nigerians are fun l;oving people and would like to make fun at any and everything but please think about the fact that it could have been you answering questions about your own field of endeavour and you most definitely would not have an answers for everything,we should look at the other side of the equation,the Channels Tv reporters were trying to embarass him,they knew he did not know the answer,and they kept on answer just to embarass him,once again it could be you,so think twice before you say "oga at the top" again and "let he without sin cast the stone"

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