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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tips on How To Use Your Tongue In __


Tongue Potency By A.D. Ekong

Like pen in the hands of a writer and spear in the hands of a fighter,
it’s power and effect like the strength in the wings of an eagle.
The birds in the sky and the beasts in the field,
the illumination that makes darkness  flee and every beautiful thing that makes your face glee,
these came to be ’cause He that  made them said let them be.
Perhaps this mystery someday we will unravel,
but how is it that the tongue being of no great size, does no little in making life happen?
Destinies ruined, destinies made.
Battles fought, peace established.
Simply because words were spoken.
To these lines, i ask you give attention.
If for any reason you find self under tension,
maybe because you found you or your’s in a terrible situation,
think of how the words of a king sets things in motion,
make the king in you spring to action,
and watch or do i say listen to your tongue better your situation.
“Take away my tongue, let me live with none”
said absolutely no one.
For he that understands the functioning of the tongue,
understands the great mystery of words, and it’s power to bring life.
It cooks words, and is capable of tasting them…your tongue i mean
so if peace should reign, do well to taste your words before serving them to others.
It’s really not rocket science.
Let me take you back in time, call it a trip down memory lane.
The story of a man that made me yearn to learn,
with great words of motivation, he drove slavers insane.
and today we all know he had a dream.
I speak of no other but Luther King  Junior of blessed memory.
remember that great speech that triggered the exodus from bonds?
That’s the power in your tongue, the energy in your vocal cords.
The plot of a man’s life most times are orchestrated by his tongue,
It’s no coincidence ’cause even the world we live in was spoken to existence.
Life and death being in the power of the tongue,
makes it even more of no less value,
so take heed, that with your tongue, you speak not death to your life.
Your tongue however little it is can constitute a nuisance.
You know what is often said of wishes being horses,
something about beggars and their endless wishes,
 to these sayings i gave deep thoughts
and in my thinking, i realized i was better making declarations than wishes.
This is the way of kings, we  know better than making wishes.
So if to any that cares to listen, my dreams and aspirations sound a tad lofty or with heightened ambitions,
I say you have me excused, ’cause i’m only but speaking of wonders called visions.
these visions which in no time will come to manifestation.
Don’t get it twisted though, it’s really not about having a huge ego,
but i learnt, if i dare be bold, i can impress my visions on tablets of gold,
and on your marks, you’d be set to go if these visions your eyes meet.
So now while i categorically make it clear i’m not being conceited,
i also would have you know i’m excited,
not necessarily because i have been perfected,
but because even while i have been gifted,
I also have been selected to make my gifting a perfection.
Now this tongue of mine, this vessel of life i’ve been given,
till i breath my last, will be used in all wisdom and craft,
and i also, in service to mankind will be steadfast,
I being of sound mind, do solemnly pledge!


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