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Friday, March 15, 2013

Exclusive: Anijamz - "Totori" And ""Want To Play Me"

       Real name Ani Double James, a new, young, sensational, talented and promising dance-hall musician from Nigeria goes by the stage name A J (AniJamz).

"Totori" It's the first of Anijamz's songs, a love song he wrote way back in his Secondary School. It's a Love Song in which he tries to woo an Imaginary Girl. He uses a unique style in writing the song so as to make the song real danceable. He features Lybra, another Dance Hall maestro from the South who drops Verse 2 and the Chorus. The beat was made by his personal producer Otyno.

"Want To Play Me"-With the intention of making a song that can get everybody up and dancing, A'J got a nice tune and took off to the studio and made this song. It's a Party and Club Jam. He sings about an Imaginary Girl she so much loves but who is not loving him back in return and takes him for granted. This made him ask her whether she wants to play him and he also stated some facts why She should not take him for granted. The Song was also produced by his personal producer Otyno.


Want To Play Me


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