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Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I had Over 1000 Lovers"

                   hugh hefner

Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner claims he has slept with more than a thousand women. in his life
The 86-year-old made this revelation during an interview in the April edition of Esquire magazine.
Asked by Esquire magazine how many lovers he has had, Hefner replied, ‘How could I possibly know? Over a thousand, I’m sure.’
But in spite of the unimaginable figure, Hefner, who wedded third wife, Crystal Harris, 26, last December, insists he has always been faithful when married.
‘There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn’t married. You have to keep your hand in’ he said.
Hefner, who is worth more than $100 million, is a philanthropist and publisher of monthly men’s magazine, Playboy.
He has been married three times and has four children.

Read Don Jazzy's Reason For His Secret Relationships

In a response to a fan's request for him to show his girlfriend "Onome".Don jazzy reacted thus:

Read Don Jazzy's reason for keeping his relationships secret;

don jazzy dating

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tips on How To Use Your Tongue In __


Tongue Potency By A.D. Ekong

Like pen in the hands of a writer and spear in the hands of a fighter,
it’s power and effect like the strength in the wings of an eagle.
The birds in the sky and the beasts in the field,
the illumination that makes darkness  flee and every beautiful thing that makes your face glee,
these came to be ’cause He that  made them said let them be.
Perhaps this mystery someday we will unravel,
but how is it that the tongue being of no great size, does no little in making life happen?
Destinies ruined, destinies made.
Battles fought, peace established.
Simply because words were spoken.
To these lines, i ask you give attention.
If for any reason you find self under tension,
maybe because you found you or your’s in a terrible situation,
think of how the words of a king sets things in motion,
make the king in you spring to action,
and watch or do i say listen to your tongue better your situation.
“Take away my tongue, let me live with none”
said absolutely no one.
For he that understands the functioning of the tongue,
understands the great mystery of words, and it’s power to bring life.
It cooks words, and is capable of tasting them…your tongue i mean
so if peace should reign, do well to taste your words before serving them to others.
It’s really not rocket science.
Let me take you back in time, call it a trip down memory lane.
The story of a man that made me yearn to learn,
with great words of motivation, he drove slavers insane.
and today we all know he had a dream.
I speak of no other but Luther King  Junior of blessed memory.
remember that great speech that triggered the exodus from bonds?
That’s the power in your tongue, the energy in your vocal cords.
The plot of a man’s life most times are orchestrated by his tongue,
It’s no coincidence ’cause even the world we live in was spoken to existence.
Life and death being in the power of the tongue,
makes it even more of no less value,
so take heed, that with your tongue, you speak not death to your life.
Your tongue however little it is can constitute a nuisance.
You know what is often said of wishes being horses,
something about beggars and their endless wishes,
 to these sayings i gave deep thoughts
and in my thinking, i realized i was better making declarations than wishes.
This is the way of kings, we  know better than making wishes.
So if to any that cares to listen, my dreams and aspirations sound a tad lofty or with heightened ambitions,
I say you have me excused, ’cause i’m only but speaking of wonders called visions.
these visions which in no time will come to manifestation.
Don’t get it twisted though, it’s really not about having a huge ego,
but i learnt, if i dare be bold, i can impress my visions on tablets of gold,
and on your marks, you’d be set to go if these visions your eyes meet.
So now while i categorically make it clear i’m not being conceited,
i also would have you know i’m excited,
not necessarily because i have been perfected,
but because even while i have been gifted,
I also have been selected to make my gifting a perfection.
Now this tongue of mine, this vessel of life i’ve been given,
till i breath my last, will be used in all wisdom and craft,
and i also, in service to mankind will be steadfast,
I being of sound mind, do solemnly pledge!


Big Brother 8 To Feature Iyanya And Dammy Krane As Housemates



      The latest news we are receiving is that this edition of Big Brother Africa (Season 8) would be star-studded with the likes of Nigeria’s Iyanya and Dammy Krane competiting as housemates alongside Ghana’s Sarkodie.

       A source revealed that since the show is full of unpredictability here and there, organisers may, this year repeat a similar ‘Stargame’ dubbed show.If all goes as planned then you may be seeing the likes of former Big Brother UK entrant Makosi together with Uganda’s Desire Luzinda and Jackie (Obessions), South Africa’s controversial socialite Kanyi Mbau, Nigeria’s Iyanya and Dammy Krane, Kenya’s Shaffie Weru and Oj Oballa and Kenyan model Vera Sidika.

       Big Brother Africa Season 8 has currently finished audition in all participating countries and contestants are set to be announced next month before the show starts.

If Iyanya goes on that show…. hmmm we’ll keep our lips sealed.

Source:Big Brother Africa

Who Is Jimi1(JimiOne)?

           Jimi1 aka Jimi,real name Emelike Emeka,was born and raised in the city of Port Harcourt south-south Nigeria, a city known to have produced famous acts like Daniel Wilson,Timaya,Duncan Mighty,Burna Boy etc. His father is Igbo, but his mum hails from Bonny in Rivers State,Nigeria. His mother discovered his love for music at an early age of 5 and decided to enroll him in a piano school. Just like most famous musicians, his musical journey began in the church. At the age of 10 he started singing in the children choir, but later stopped for a while when he fell in love with rap music under influences from DMX,Ja Rule,Big Pun etc. He went on to develop his piano skills under famous Port Harcourt pianists of the time such as Timi,Joshua(Asu Ekiye & De Nu Dimension),Owhonda Ikeka etc. He also played for many years at different Redeemed Christian Church Of God parishes, as well as several other performances at various other churches, concerts, schools and shows alongside a gospel R n B band called “d unleashers”. Later on he moved to Eastern Nigeria and it was at this point he decided to go into music production. While he lived and studied in the East, he also spent most of the time organizing parties and gigs with his friends, where he performed most times as the Dj. For certain reasons he had to leave the country for further study, and at this point he decided to perfect his singing and production skills.
              In 2012,he established a label Victoria Oyiya Records, with his brothers James Emelike(Ghana) and Chukwudi Emelike(engr.).It is named after their Grand Mother, a famous Port Harcourt Business woman, from Bonny, who is acclaimed to have owned the first Port Harcourt Airport Hotel, as well as the defunct Victoria Oyiya Hotel. She is a descendant of Bristol Alaghbariya the Founder of Grand Bonny. Her father was famous for creating a dance step which is still used by the Bonny cultural dance troupe till date. They have won so many awards for it and they are always called upon to represent Rivers State at cultural festivals. He was said to have gotten the inspiration after he got missing in the bonny river for many days. When he returned home, he formed a dance group and taught them the dance. He said the dance was taught to him by spirits. His grave lies in the Old Finima, which today is the site of the famous N.L.N.G. plant.
           Jimi1 comes from a strong musical background, his father being an ardent fan of the late Bob Marley as well famous Igbo highlife musicians such as Celestine Ukwu, Bright Chimezie etc. His 2 brothers are good pianists in their own right; his only sister doubles as a singer and a Doctor.
            Jimi1 is a young, athletic, energetic, vibrant, focused and determined young man, who will soon add a foreign medical degree to his c.v. He is also a blogger, and spends most of his time in the gym and karate training. He has also worked alongside many other upcoming acts in the industry.

           Jimi1 is set to drop a new single on 01-04-2013,he calls this one "hypertension",a groovy track for the lovers of good music and the good life,watch out for it!!

Aba to Experience Uninterrupted power Supply Soon


Residents in Aba could be in luck if the possibilities of the Aba Integrated Power Project are anything to go by.
On Thursday, according to reports, Geometric Power Limited, owners of the project said that the plant would guarantee 95 per cent uninterrupted electricity supply to serve over 5,000 small and medium enterprises, industries and residents in the Aba metropolis, and even provide power other cities outside its primary area.
The company, which has a total installed capacity of 141 megawatts of electricity, would boost the Federal Government’s plan of transforming the power sector.
According to the Technical Adviser, Geometric Power Limited, Okwudiri Ehilegbu, the Aba IPP is not just part of measures to address the power challenges in this area, but it would boost the nation’s power system. “
This is because when we distribute power to businesses in this metropolis, the power being consumed before the IPP came on board would be sent out to other areas. Hence, it would improve electricity supply in other areas.”
“We are aiming at guaranteeing 95 per cent uninterrupted power supply, barring all unforeseen circumstance, and the plant will feed all Aba metropolis and its environs,” Ehilegbu said.
The Federal Government had in 2005, during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, come up with the idea of Integrated Power Projects to address the twin issues of low electric power generation and gas flaring from oil exploration in the Niger Delta region.
The idea was that the project would serve as an intervention scheme to comprehensively address the state of electricity infrastructure in Nigeria.
It was planned to be a fast-track approach to improving the country‘s electricity power supply through the implementation of generation, transmission, distribution and gas supply projects.
The Aba IPP, however, was not into gas supply, Ehilegbu said.
He explained that the plant had three generating turbines and each was rated 47MW, adding that two of the units were 95 per cent complete, while one was 90 per cent ready.
The plant, it was learnt, would be fired up in May and start supplying power to consumers immediately.
“Though this would be done in phases, it will make industries, small businesses and other consumers appreciate the privatisation of the power sector,” Ehilegbu said.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Video:"Adults Only" Ghanaian Explicit Porn Movie


I wonder what it is with Ghanaians and pornography,maybe its the only way they can put their movies on the map.smh!


Video:Nigerian Girls Having Real Sex In New Movie

Pornography in Nollywood seems to be the latest thing.Above is a trailer to a new movie "Bold 5 Babes" with little or no story line,but sex scenes everywhere.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exclusive:Mr. Roar - Etighi Anthem ft. Tj D'Kila,Oga Sir,L-J

After a successful debut into the rap game 3 years ago with his Mix-Tape IlLz (Illegal Loopz), BlissRecords’ signee; MrRoar bounces back from the underground scene with a remix beat of the number one hit track off his mix-tape. He features 3 other skillful rappers from his town – AKSidi namely: TJ D’kila (AKSidi Representer), OgaSir (Former Commissioner of the Streets and Creeks) and L J (The Saviour of Rap) who all murdered the sick street hip and rap beat.
EtighiAnthem is the name of this new song and it’s something you’ll love to listen to anytime and anywhere. MrRoar surely knows how to get fans to dance while he raps. Download and Share freely.


Naeto C Welcomes Baby Boy


Hip-hop artiste, Naeto C and his gorgeous wife, Nicole Chikwe welcome their baby as Nicole was earlier delivered of a baby boy in the United States.
Mother and son are reportedly doing well. It will be recalled that Naeto C married his heart throb in a talk-of-the-town wedding in July 2012.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Break-Up In The Music Industry?Davido and HKN


Nigerian Entertainment Today has gathered, from multiple sources, that there is major crisis in the HKN Gang; the popular record label that attained overwhelming fame and success in 2012 may have been bitten by the recent ‘break up’ bug and might lose two of it’s popular acts B Red and Sinarambo.
After working together as a music crew for close to a decade, there are very strong indications that popstar Davido ‘Davido‘ Adeleke is parting ways with his pop singing cousins (his father’s elder brother’s sons) and label mates, Bayo ‘B Red‘ Adeleke and Sina ‘Sinarambo‘ Adeleke.
NET sources say tension has been building among the cousins for a while ‘but B Red and Sina have been playing it cool’. Apparently, the lesser known cousins now want out.
Sources tell us a big fight allegedly ensued between Davido and cousins B Red and Sinarambo some weeks back in Atlanta – The cousins had accused Davido of not doing much for their careers as much as he should after they chose him as the label’s front line act. They also accused him of not giving them a chance to fully promote their new singles only to overshadow them at any given chance.
Some years ago before Davido, B Red and Sinarambo relocated to Nigeria to fully pursue their music careers, the trio had been working in Altanta, US as a music crew called B International. Sinarambo was the frontline artiste with Davido only handling music production. B Red, a very talented drummer assisted with verses.
Then Davido began pursing a singing career seriously, broke out as a solo artiste and decided to return to Nigeria in 2010 to fully launch a music career. Starting off HKN Gang with his elder half-brother Adewale Adeleke aka Chairman HKN, they added (as only expected) B Red and Sinarambo to the team and approached M.I‘s manager Abuchi Ugwu to manage him.
Abuchi however turned down the offer (he is credited to mixing and mastering Davido’s monster hit song ‘Dami duro‘), Davido met up with a very enthusiastic Asa Asika (Asa in December 2012 parted ways with HKN) and well, the rest is history. The team planned to push Davido first, then Sinarambo and finally B Red.
Back To The Present
As we all know Davido’s music career skyrocketed with hit songs and a debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo‘. He was immediately placed as an A-list artiste in Nigeria, topping charts, performing in different continents, winning awards, and bagging multi-million Naira endorsement deals.
‘Now that Davido has blown, it was Sinarambo and B red’s turn, but things didn’t seem to follow again‘, a source tells NET. ‘Every time Sina or B Red released a song or video, Davido would release his own music and somehow it overshadowed theirs’.
October 15, 2012 – Sinarambo releases his much anticipated first single-video ‘Ijo sina‘ feat Davido.
October 17, 2012 – Davido releases ‘Gbon gbon‘ off his ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ album.
February 8, 2013 – B Red releases first single ’Insane girl’ feat Davido.
February 25, 2013 – Davido releases controversial single ‘Gobe’.
Sources say the fight in Atlanta got physical after B Red and Sinarambo aggressively questioned Davido over the matter. ‘The fight damaged property in their ATL home, it started in the car and continued in the house‘.
Davido then traveled to Houston during the All star weekend to perform alongside Nas. He later traveled back to Nigeria and headed straight to Ghana for a performance.
Sources say, Sina and B Red were stuck in Atlanta (B Red has since returned while Sina is still in Atlanta). Davido’s father, we learn is now aware of the fight and has extricated the cousins. B Red we are told has also moved out of Davido’s house.
The ‘Insane girl’ singer who is Davido’s official hype man was missing at Davido’s side at two recent campus performances in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Ibadan (UI). He also didn’t attend Davido’s mum’s remembrance ceremony.
But Davido’s new manager Kamal (one of the guys who Dr SID says was present when he had that leaked conversation with Davido) says we shouldn’t fret. ‘There’s no problem in HKN, Sina is working with some people in ATL at the moment and B Red is cool with Davido’, Kamal told our reporter in a telephone conversation.
In related news, it is being reported that Davido has signed a upcoming pop singers Ghanaian act Deekay and Nigerian act Danagog. This could not be confirmed as Kamal could not be reached via telephone.
Source :TheNetNg

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Video:Lynxx Is Tripping For Chidinma


Exclusive:Lap Tug - Lagos Life

        Mbah Augustine Ejike (also known as Lap Tug) is a singer and rapper and a songwriter who started his music career with a group called D-zone and had an album titled The Secret Told which was released in
2007. He has worked with artistes like Flavour N'abania, DJ Solo,Smokie and Zee World Tentebo Soja. Later in 2009 he travelled out of the country but he's back in town now with beautiful tunes. Lap Tug is
currently working with some notable producers in Nigeria as well as foreign producers DJ Shareem and Lyrical P on his upcoming solo album entitled "Muzic Dictionary".

      Budding Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter Lap Tug is out with another new street hit “Lagos Life” - the third single from his forthcoming album "Muzic Dictionary".  The track entitled Lagos Life is a street Hip hop track that talks about Life, survival, and events that go down in the city of Lagos. Lap Tug is presently working with Signature Records and plans on dropping on a new single featuring
Slowdog soon.

Lagos Life

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jesse Jagz Leaves Chocolate City


In a short statement released this evening, Jesse Jagz, has confirmed that he has left Audu Maikori’s record label, Chocolate City.
Jesse, whose elder brother, MI Abaga, released a new track titled ‘Chairman’ just yesterday, explained that he would not be renewing his deal with the label and would be concentrating on his own entertainment outfit.
The statement read:
To whom it may concern:
I, Jesse Garba Abaga (also known as “Jesse Jagz”) an artist formerly signed to Chocolate City Music label hereby wishes to notify my fans and the general public about my voluntary exit from the label.
After my initial two year contractual agreement with Chocolate City, I do not wish to renew my contract with them and as such have proceeded to continue my music career with my new team at Jesse Jagz Nation.
I still maintain a cordial relationship with the management of Chocolate City and my former label mates and I wish them the best in all their future endeavors. Any further information will be passed across through my publicist but until then, have a good day. Look out for my sophomore album JagZNation Vol. 1 coming out in July 2013.

All for the best,
Jesse Jagz

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Gang Rape In India,This Time A Foreigner

                              Swiss tourist gang raped in central India

A Swiss female tourist was gang-raped in rural central India, police said on Saturday, the latest victim of sexual violence against women in the South Asian nation.
The woman was on a cycling trip with her husband in impoverished Madhya Pradesh state, when seven to eight men attacked the couple on Friday night, sexually assaulting the woman and robbing the pair, police said.
The attackers “tied up the man and raped the woman in his presence”, local police official S.M. Afzal told AFP, adding that they stole 10,000 rupees ($185) and a mobile phone from the woman.
The attack comes just months after thousands took to the streets to protest against India’s treatment of women following the fatal gang-rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in New Delhi in December.
The couple were on their way to the tourist destination of Agra, home to the iconic Taj Mahal monument, in northern India when they stopped to camp for the night in a village.
Indian media reports said the men were wielding sticks when they attacked the couple.
After the attack, the rape victim, aged about 40, was admitted to hospital in Gwalior city, 212 miles (342 kilometres) from state capital Bhopal, local police official M.S. Dhodee said.
The victim was conscious on Saturday and speaking to authorities, police said. No other details of her condition were known.
She told police that the couple were both Swiss, police said, but they added they had not yet seen their passports to confirm their nationality.
“The victims, who belong to Switzerland, put up a tent to stay overnight” when the attack occurred, Afzal said.
The other police official, Dhodee, told AFP that police were still investigating the case but added that “a rape case has been registered against seven unidentified people”.
A spokesman for the Swiss embassy in New Delhi could not be reached for comment.
In 2003 a 36-year-old female Swiss diplomat was abducted in the car park of a popular New Delhi auditorium, driven away by two men and raped. She was freed later nearby. No one has been convicted for that attack.
Concern remains high in India over the safety and status of women and girls in the country of 1.2 billion.
Rape is one aspect of a wide range of violence, including domestic assaults, against women in India that claims many thousands of lives each year, according to rights workers.
The Congress-led government has been under heavy pressure to strengthen legal protection for India’s women following the December attack on the student who died from internal injuries after being savagely assaulted by six men.
Last Monday, Ram Singh, one of six accused on trial over the December assault was found hanged in his high-security jail cell in New Delhi. Police suspect he hanged himself, but his family says he was murdered.
Under a new bill approved by India’s cabinet earlier in the week, rapists face a minimum 20-year jail term and the death penalty if the victim dies from her injuries or is left in a persistent vegetative state.
Source:France 24

Wife Of "My Oga At The Top" Crooner Storms Channels Tv

"Don't Judge My Husband at His Hour of Error" "My Kids at School at ridiculed by their mates"
"Our Neighbours and Fellow Market women make jest of me everyday" "My Husband can't sleep at Night any more because of the Video"

       The wife of the NSCDC Commandant that was ridiculed in the crazy "My Oga At The Top" video was reported to have forced her way into Channels TV studio today to protest bitterly to the chairman of Channels on the damages the crazy video has caused his family.

       She cried that her kids at school are been ridiculed everyday by their mates. On her part, her neighbours and fellow market women make jest of her everyday. She say that the worse of the issue is that her husband can't sleep at night again because of the terrible embarrassment the video has caused him.

        In fact she says the man cry every night and also, the so called Oga at the Top is even contemplating sacking or demoting the man because of the damages the video has caused NSCDC.
[Before this woman came back from the protest at Channels TV, Her Husband has received a call about his suspension].

In a related development,Ruggedman has condemned the act,read the tweets below:

  1. Help me ask o RT : Iz dere any big deal by completin it for him by sayin ...
  2. God bless u RT : It wz obviouz dt d officer needed a help wit d web id n dey fail to assist ...

  1. I don tweet my mind n i go still tweet more,its either u luv me or u hate me in peace or war. E dnt change nuffin lol. God bless
  2. Now u can all go back to laughing abt
  3. POINT BEING- as a tv host,if your guest doesnt have d answer to a ?,u dnt keep askin him/her d same ?. .
  4. Yes he didnt know it n d question exposed dat.Movin on to d nxt question would av been d right thing to do
  5. You should protect the guest as well while remembering that he is not omniscience. Via of
  6. D point has been obvious dat after asking him twice,he couldn't come up with a tangible answer.y ...
  7. Wrong to hammer on a question d guest obviously doesnt av an answer for RT : Brk it down. Wrong to ...
  8. The crew were highly unprofessional n made it too obvious dey were out to ridicule d man.
  9. Oga at d top is trendin bt no one has condemned d distasteful way d crew ridiculed a guest on a live TV show.
  10. ,the unruly way ur presenters handled the situation goes against modern journalism.via of
  11. as an artiste to you,i am highly disappointed at those presenters.

In my honest opinion,it could have been anybody,probably your friend or brother,so I agree with Ruggedy Baba,lets tamper justice with mercy,I know Nigerians are fun l;oving people and would like to make fun at any and everything but please think about the fact that it could have been you answering questions about your own field of endeavour and you most definitely would not have an answers for everything,we should look at the other side of the equation,the Channels Tv reporters were trying to embarass him,they knew he did not know the answer,and they kept on answer just to embarass him,once again it could be you,so think twice before you say "oga at the top" again and "let he without sin cast the stone"