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Friday, February 15, 2013

Goldie May Have Died Of Pulmonary Embolism


         Goldie have died from Pulmonary embolism,which resulted from a Deep vein thrombosis,which in my honest opinion as a medical student could likely have been caused by sitting for too long on her flight back from the U.S. where she was at the Grammy Awards.Pulmonary embolism is simply when an em bolus blocks blood flow to her lungs,and can result in death within minutes,probably explains why she died so fast.It also explains the headache which could have been caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the brain.You might wonder why other people did not have same symptoms,most probably she had other underlying medical conditions that predisposed her to it.Any condition that reduces blood flow back to the heart,or any condition that increases clotting of blood,could increase her chances.People at risk are alcoholics,smokers,old people,people living sedentary lifestyles,obesity,poor diet,etc.Also people with initial stages of heart failure.
        She had a severe headache,was rushed to the hospital and died on arrival the report said.May her soul rest in peace.Everybody should stay prayerful and always do regular medical check up and seek a Doctor in cases of unexplained symptoms.

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