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Monday, December 31, 2012

Video:Duncan Mighty - Drive Me Crazy

Video:Burna Boy - Tonite

Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Mario Balotelli Is My Boy" - Martins


It is no longer news that Nigeria’s weapon of mass destruction, Obafemi Martins, is dating Abigail Barwuah, Mario Balotelli’s elder sister – what is news however is the speculation that the Manchester City ‘bad boy’ is unhappy about the pair dating.
However, Martins, who once played with Balotelli at Inter’s youth team in Milan, Italy, has dismissed such insinuations with a wave of the hand.
“Mario is my boy”, he started. “The respect is there because I used to play at Inter, in the youth team with him. He’s giving me my respect and I’m doing same. People are putting it in the news that he’s upset, of course he’s glad.
“He’s glad that Obafemi Martins is dating his sister. But if he gets jealous then it means he doesn’t want his sister to grow. But it’s not like that. The boy is not a bad boy” Martins insisted.
He also disclosed that for now, marraige is not on the cards as he and Abigail haven’t discussed it.
“The relationship is true but getting married or not, we haven’t discussed anything like that. She’s upstairs and we’re happy together” he concluded.
Meanwhile, the love between the pair is rather coming as a surprise to close watchers as Abigail, 24, had earlier in the year, granted an interview to a tabloid, The Sun, where she claimed that she couldn’t date a footballer and even claims  her brother wouldn’t allow it: “Mario wouldn’t let me anyway. He knows only too well what they are like. They are surrounded by women. Girls throw themselves at them.”

Mercy Johnson Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

Mercy Johnson Okojie gave birth to a baby girl a few hours ago in a hospital in the USA. Mother and daughter are said to be doing great.

Video:Plane Crashes Into A Main Road In Moscow

A passenger jet crashed after making a hard landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. At least four people were killed and four critically injured, says the Interior Ministry. Officials believe the cause could be pilot error.
Two people were reportedly found dead at the scene, while a 27-year-old woman died on the way to hospital. Whether the fourth person died at the scene or in the ambulance remains unclear. Those killed are the captain, the co-pilot, the flight engineer and a flight attendant, the Emergencies Ministry declared.
Four people taken to Moscow hospitals – three flight attendants and a technical staff – remain in a critical condition. They have sustained traumatic brain injuries, say medical officials. The plane was flying in from Pardubice, the Czech Republic, and was carrying eight to twelve people according to various reports. Vnukovo Airport says that everyone onboard were the crew. Pardubice Airport confirms:
“There was only the crew aboard. No Czech nationals were among them. Before taking off the operating company checked all the plane’s systems and said they were functioning normally,” Pardubice's press-service told The service added the plane, tail number RA-64047, had taken tourists to Pardubice and was going back without any passengers.
Two more people might have been on board the crashed plane as ten people had registered for the flight, reports Interfax citing sources. But as emergency crews wrapped up their search operation, they failed to find anybody else. It appears that passers-by could have rushed at least one injured person to hospital on their own car.
Two black boxes were recovered from the scene of the passenger jet crash, according tot he Investigative Committee.
A criminal case over possible flight safety violations has been opened in connection with the Vnukovo plane crash. The preliminary cause of the TU-204 accident is pilots’ error, Markin added.
The incident took place at around 16:35 local time (12:35 GMT). Preliminary reports say the jet, which belongs to Russian low-cost airline Red Wings, crashed after taking a second landing attempt. It rolled out from the runway into Kievskoye Highway, fell into three pieces and caught fire. The fire area of 100 square meters was extinguished by firefighters, officials said.
Earlier, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry confirmed that the plane had to make a forced landing.
Part of the crashed Tupolev-204 has blocked the highway; a traffic jam is developing at the scene.
Red Wings is a Russian airline that specializes in charter flights to Russia and Europe. In 2012 the company began to operate regular flights throughout Russia. The company is the largest buyer of Russian-made Tu-204 airplanes. 

Russian "Babushka" Rises From The Dead After 3 Days

A grandmother has been brought back from the dead twice – and has even survived spending three days in a morgue.
The 61-year-old Russian woman has been declared dead twice by doctors, but each time has come back to life – and once was minutes away from being cut open for her autopsy.
Hardy Lyudmila Steblitskaya spent 3 days laying in a freezing cold morgue, while her family mourned the retired cook.
Lyudmila Steblitskaya, her daughter Anastasia, and granddaughter Nelli, all had a horrific shockLyudmila Steblitskaya, her daughter Anastasia, and granddaughter Nelli, all had a horrific shock
The mother’s eery habit of returning to life has not only left her family torn between grief and hope that she may come back to life, but perplexed doctors too, The Siberian Times reported.
She has scared both doctors, friends and family once in November last year and in October this year.
The initial confusion began last year, when Lyudmila was taken to Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital and spent days in hospital because she felt unwell.
When her 29-year-old daughter Anastasia, who has a daughter Nelli, nine, called on a Friday evening to ask about her mother’s condition, she was informed by doctors that her mother had died.
The devastated woman began planning her mother’s funeral and breaking the bad news to friends and family.
She spent 60,000 roubles (£1,223) buying flowers, a casket, arranging for a grave to be dug, and buying food for the mourners who planned to attend the funeral on the Monday morning, according to the newspaper.
On the Monday, she went to the hospital to collect her mother’s body – only to be told to wait as doctors had not performed an autopsy.
She told the newspaper that a startled doctor then approached her and said that her mother was not dead, but was in her bed breathing and alive.
Anastasia started arranging the funeral of her mother after being told by doctors that she was deadAnastasia started arranging the funeral of her mother after being told by doctors that she was dead

Anastasia could not believe it when doctors halted an autopsy and discovered her mother was aliveAnastasia could not believe it when doctors halted an autopsy and discovered her mother was alive
A disbelieving Anastasia went in to the room to find her mother calling her name, and screamed and dropped her bag.
She told The Siberian Times: ‘My head was so fuzzy that I didn’t even think about getting back into the room, and hugging mum. Or asking her about what happened.
‘Instead I started calling everyone, saying things like “Er, sorry. Can you please stop digging the grave. Ah, is it done? OK… well, there won’t be a funeral, my mother is alive”.’
Her mother cannot remember what happened, only that she was in hospital on the Friday and then woke up in a morgue on Monday to discover that her skin was peeling off from the cold.
Mostly, she is just grateful to be alive and be able to see her friends and family.
In October 2012, Lyudmila – who has a history of heart problems – had another ‘apparent death’ during a hospital stay but this time doctors brought her back to life after several hours.
On the morgue incident, chief doctor of Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital Maksim Zayukov, said: ‘As of now I cannot explain why this mistake happened,’ The Siberian Times reported.
‘This sad procedure has always worked in our hospital like clockwork: the moment of death is always registered by the intensive care doctor.
‘Proper checks are always conducted. This all happens before the family are informed about the death’.
A hospital spokeswoman said: ‘The checks were carried out and she was dead – or so it seemed.
‘The papers could not have been signed unless this is what the doctors establish. We are still trying to understand what went wrong in Lyudmila’s case’.
Source:Siberian Times

Justin Bieber,Rihanna etc Stripped Of Fake Inflated Youtube Video Views

The world's largest recording companies have been stripped of nearly two billion YouTube video views after the site cracked down on alleged "fake viewers." Universal took the biggest loss, being stripped of one billion views spread throughout artists such as RihannaKanye WestNicki MinajJustin Bieber and many more. Serving as the biggest crackdown on artificially inflated figures for the video streaming site, YouTube also wiped out 850 million views from artists signed to Sony's record label. With online services available to help users fabricate viral statistics such as YouTube views, Facebook friends and Twitter followers for a fee, YouTube looks to reinforce their view count policy to help improve its site. Being that labels and artists are able to make significant profits from advertisements through various social media outlets, this could lead to additional websites making better efforts to clean up their sites as well.
Source: Huffington Post

Friday, December 28, 2012

Kanye West Gets Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

           kim kardashian ob gyn Kim Kardashian Battles Morning Sickness, Pregnant With Kanye Wests Baby
She was recently spotted at a gynecologist office and is said to have been suffering from morning illness for 3 days now.

D'Banj Koko Concert A Flop?Read Peoples Tweets

The concert which took place at the Eko Atlantic beach wasn't properly planned.The distance from the Eko Atlantic entrance to the venue was too far(20km).


Stars such as Darey and Banky W were said to have turned back after unsuccessfully trying to get to the venue for hours.
And those who did get to the venue, had problems finding their way back to the road where they parked their cars.

To make matters worse, on arriving the venue, the concert which was billed to kick off at 7pm ended up kicking off just before 10:30pm to lack lustre performances.
The opening host, Idris Elba proved uninspiring to the crowd and acts like Pusha T could not relate to the Nigerian audience. Worse still D’banj gave what proved to be an unelectrifying performance causing fans to walk out of the venue en masse 40 minutes into his performance.

Reports have it that, the worst hit were ladies in high heels who trekked for the long distance as well as those in the VVIP weren't spared as they stood for most part of the show. Sitting arrangements were said to be in disarray.
People took to tweeter today and tweeted thus:


 My heart goes out to VVIP ticket holders. 4,000 pounds for that 'tour de france' trek? #(NO)Longthing"DBanj is the only artiste on record who made Lagos 'big boys walk like the Israelites "

Lord. Knows I was pissed..I just sat down on d floor to ask my self if this was the plan God had for my life"
I feel so sorry for all those that were Victims of Circumstances at theKoKo Concert yestersay... It is well!

After the walk, I had to say    & most of all tiney tempah rocked . Big sean ad tiny made my day!

As the story goes, D'Banj was "dissing" fans that bought regular tickets and showing love to the VVIP ticket holders? 

For all of you who went to Koko concert, now you know how the israelites feltNigerians can complain! PHCN is bad, GEJ is useless, FASHOLA's traffic law is for the rich,  was a flop, etc Suicide is free"

See as people dey para cos dem trek for koko concert. Even those wey buy VIP ticket stand thruout. Dis no be Koko concert but koko crusade

" Dbanj you are a THIEF and a very very very STUPID boy!Rubbish concert*KOKO pops.mtchewwww"lmao

: S/O to dose girls dah dressed like Kim K to  only 2end up wit dusty legs like a gala hawker in Oshodi!!"

Lmao!!!“: Good morning Lagos. Fuck you 

Notable among they aggrieved fans is Derenle Edun who tweeted

*My hands r stil shakin frm al d trekkin* “@: If I hear 1more @ did ds or did Dt.I'll poison U.Dt niqqa dint ff me bk
Denrele Edun
Good shw. Me enter gbege. Walked nonstop. Ride was missing. Area Boiz and I enter ring (I Jst dey kpara). Wz almost stabbed. Got home. #Phew
Denrele Edun
The worst day of my life! Dec 27th,Koko concert. Despite d negativity, I managed to hold my head up nd stay positive! Home now..#NeverAgain
Denrele Edun
And as U2 go talk am,"It's a Beautiful Day"....I don delete 27th commot frm my memory. On to d nxt one**Life continues. Bt Kai,my eye c hian

Governor Of Kogi State Hospitalised In Critical Condition After Car Crash

Gov Wada of Kogi
Governor Idris Wada of Kogi State is said to be in Emergency Ward as a result of a Car-crash.The car is said to have somersaulted due to a Tyre bust

Photos:Rihanna Completely Naked(Caught Pants Down)

      The shots were taking at her Barbados home,were she spent the Christmas.Seems to me this chic walks around naked at

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo:Former President Obasanjo's House On Fire


Photos:Girls Go Nude On The Streets At Calabar Carnival 2012

               With Over 3 million free condoms distributed for the carnival,the carnival has commenced with participants from all over Cross river and South America

Breaking News:Explosion:Man Blows Up Himself At Bukovinian State Medical University Ukraine.



An explosion ripped through one of the buildings of a medical university in Chernivtsi of western Ukraine on Dec. 27. 
Regional prosecutors said a 62-year-old man had been killed in the incident, which they said probably involved a hand grenade.
"According to preliminary information, the dead person was at odds with a staff member (of the university) over a plot of land ...," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.
Two people, a 42-year-old professor and an 18-year-old student, were hospitalized, the Molody Bukovynets newspaper reports. 
Police were looking into different possible causes of the blast, including the possibility that it may have been a bomb attack, a police spokeswoman said.
Bomb attacks are rare in the former Soviet republic of 45 million.
The most recent one, last April, wounded 30 people in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. Its alleged perpetrators are now on trial and accused of trying to extort money from the government by threatening to carry out further attacks. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Denzel Washington In Nigeria For Nollywood Movie

Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington, is likely to arrive in Nigeria next week to take part in the shooting of spider basket, a new movie financed by Nigerian businessman, Dennis Osadebe.
Osadebe himself arrived in Nigeria from his base in Turkey last Friday in company with his Turkish partner, Abdulkadir Erkahraman.
Osadebe’s decision to invest in the entertainment industry seems driven by his belief in the abundant talents in the country.
“Denzel is just one of many hollywood stars that I want to witness the talents in this country and to impact significantly on Nollywood. Others are coming. My second movie, By Fire by Force, is due to be premiered this month,” Osadebe said.