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Sunday, October 28, 2012

4 Tips To Help Increase Her Libido


You may or may not know this but low sexual desire is the most commonly reported sexual dysfunction among women. When women are experiencing a decrease in their libido it can be frustrating for her and for her partner and can wreak havoc on a relationship. It is normal for a person’s sex drive to ebb and flow over the course of their life, however if a once rocking sex life suddenly disappears or even significantly slacks off it can leave a couple confused and trying to find a way to get back in the groove.
Trying to Put the Pieces Together
Low sexual desire among women is a puzzler. So many factors can contribute to it yet there is still so much we don’t know about it. Trying to sort it all out and overcome it so you can return to a life of sexual pleasure and satisfaction can seem like an overwhelming task, but in the end it is worth it.  Being sexual is a big part of life and it is natural to feel discouraged when things are off kilter.
If your sweetie is having issues with decreased libido there are some things you can do to help her recover that lost loving feeling.
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Start with a visit to the doctor. Many sexual dysfunctions including low sexual desire are caused by medical issues. Sexual side effects of medication are also common. Many times if the medical condition is treated, the sexual dysfunction resolves itself. It is also important to remember that sexual dysfunctions themselves can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. In any case, a visit to the doctor for a complete medical check-up is the first step to finding and fixing the problem.
Do a Relationship Check
For many women, sexual desire goes right out the window when they are unhappy in their relationship. Ask yourself if you have been as attentive as you should be. Relationships are like a plant. They are living things that need to be nurtured continuously if they are to grow and thrive. Is your relationship blooming or dying on the vine? So often couples get caught up in the day to day grind of living and responsibilities and they unintentionally let their relationship grow stale.
Talk About It
Communication is the key to every part of a relationship and sex is no different. Do not let low sexual desire or any sexual issue go unaddressed. It will not just go away if you don’t acknowledge it. Tell your partner that you are concerned about what is happening or not happening in the bedroom and reassure her that you want to work on the problem together. There is no shame in having a decreased libido but many women let it affect their self-esteem. When you do bring up the subject, make sure you do it on neutral ground. Please do not do it in the bedroom right after a failed sexual encounter. That is the worst possible time and place. Instead try making her a nice breakfast on a weekend when neither of you has to work and calmly and lovingly bring up the subject. Don’t try to be a mind reader and guess at what she is thinking or feeling. Ask her how she feels.
The Race is Won by Those who Keep Running
Getting back to where you were or where you would like to be when it comes to sex is a marathon not a sprint. Someone’s libido does not vanish overnight and it doesn’t come back overnight.
An important thing you can do when one partner is having libido issues it to actually not try to have sex. That may sound like it defeats to the purpose but it can be very helpful. It takes the pressure off. Focus instead on other forms of intimacy such as holding each other, spooning in bed, take a bath together and kissing. Show her that you are satisfied with that for now and that will do wonders in helping her relax. When the pressure is decreased and she is not so concerned that she is failing you with every attempted sexual encounter, it gives you both time to work through any issues that may be contributing to the problem. At the same time it still makes her feel loved and desired.
Patience and persistence are important tools for overcoming low sexual desire. Keep this in mind as you work toward reclaiming the sexual part of your relationship.

Ukrainian Elections: Ukrainians Decide On Sunday

Vitaly Klitschko stands two meters tall and punches so hard they call him "Dr. Ironfist." 

Now the World Boxing Council's reigning heavyweight champion is fighting a new battle, Ukraine's parliamentary elections.

On Sunday, Ukrainians vote for an entirely new 450-member parliament.

Klitschko has come back from Germany to run for parliament, and to pull this massive nation of 44 million people toward Europe.

"We are fighting for what is right," he told a rally audience in Kiev on Thursday night.

"We are fighting for ideas - and they are fighting for money. And that is why I'm confident that we can build a normal state. The Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and the Georgians could do it. We are Ukrainians, and we can do it too."

Klitschko campaigns against the corruption that many people believe has hobbled Ukraine's growth since it gained independence 21 years ago.

Kazakhstan, with barely one-third of Ukraine's population, now has a bigger economy.

Klitschko adds "punch" Klitschko's party is called UDAR, Ukrainian for punch.

Klitschko and Udar are not expected to win by a knockout.

But his party has soared in opinion polls to second place, displacing the coalition of Yulia Tymoshenko, the braided diva of the opposition.

But Tymoshenko cannot run.

She is in jail, serving a seven-year jail term for abuse of office when she was prime minister.

She charges she was jailed on orders of her political rival, President Viktor Yanukovych.

Less than three years after winning election, Yanukovych has seen his approval rating dwindle to 13 percent.

But his ruling Party of Regions is expected to get enough votes Sunday to form a parliamentary majority with the Communist Party of Ukraine.  

A divided opposition Olexiy Haran, a political scientist with Kiev Mohyla University, explains why.

"It's the oppression of freedom of press," he says.

"It's the pressure on independent TV channel. It's the pressure on opposition. It's bribery. It's the use of so-called administrative resources, direct interference in the campaign."

University student Vyacheslav, 22, says he is going to vote for Tymoshenko's opposition party.

"[I will vote for] Yulia Tymoshenko, because I don't like Yanukoych and his party, and I don't like the political situation in my country" he said.

"And I hope that it will be better in the future."

After years of political paralysis and an economy growing this year by only 1 percent, many Ukrainians have lost faith in politicians.

Julia, 27, an office manager, says that some of her friends will vote Sunday "against all."

Interviewed on Kiev's Maidan square, the site of the 2004 democracy protests now remembered as the "Orange Revolution," she said:

"This year, I don't think that everyone will go for voting, because people were disappointed with our last elections."

But looking ahead, many say the electoral performance of "Dr. Ironfist" on Sunday will give a clear indication of his viability in Ukraine's presidential election campaign, two years from now.

A strongman, a boxer and a soft-spoken candidate campaigning on behalf of a jailed former prime minister: Ukraine’s parliamentary elections Sunday are seen as a decisive point in the future direction of a country that only won independence from Russia 21 years ago and since then has seen years of economic and political turmoil. 
But many locals are bemoaning their lack of choice.

“What will change? You have crooks on one side, crooks on the other side,” said Oleg Archipenko, 46, who owns a small clothing store on the outskirts of Kiev.

“Of course we must vote – it is our right to vote and we must do it. But the choice is not great.”

Nervous Ukrainians were lining up at banks and currency exchange stalls all week to buy dollars and euros out of concern that their local currency, the hryvnia, will fall after the vote.

President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions is expected to outperform his rivals, including those in the Fatherland Party of jailed former prime minster Yulia Tymoshenko and heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko’s Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform.

In the eight years since the Orange Revolution brought down Mr. Yanukovych, a narrow electoral win in 2010 over Ms. Tymoshenko has allowed him to regain and firm up his tight hold on the country.

“This is a pivotal moment for Ukraine because the oligarch government of Mr. Yanukovych has brought us to a crossroads at which [Ukrainians] must choose between becoming a normal democracy or a dictatorship,” said Pavlo Khazan, a Green Party candidate in east-central Ukraine.

“I fully believe that when we look back, we will understand that 2012 was the point [where our future] path was chosen.”

Fronting the ruling party’s campaign is Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, a Soviet-style leader who rarely mingles with crowds and prefers to give speeches and Facebook updates.

His main message is how the party has restored stability and economic growth to the nation after the chaotic rule of the warring Orange team of former leader Viktor Yushchenko and Ms. Tymoshenko.

Since the 2004 Orange Revolution, which was sparked by allegations of large-scale electoral fraud, the country has continued to struggle with corruption, crippling debt and a wobbly currency while billionaire oligarchs continue to rake in profits.  

Mild-mannered Arseniy Yatsenyuk, standing in for the jailed Ms. Tymoshenko as the lead for the opposition Fatherland Party, hopes his party will build on its current 98 seats in parliament by joining forces with seven minor parties.

But some say that the party has channelled all its energy into Ms. Tymoshenko’s release, neglecting to put forward convincing plans to turn the country around and betting on sympathy for a politician many distrust.

 “[Ms. Tymoshenko] is more popular in the West than in Ukraine,” Wojciech Kononczuk, an analyst at Warsaw-based Centre for Eastern Studies said.

“She is [seen as] one of the most untrustworthy politicians in Ukraine – in the eyes of simple Ukrainian voters, she’s perceived as a part of the system.”

In 2011, Ms. Tymoshenko was convicted of criminal abuse of office for concluding a natural-gas deal with Russia disadvantageous to Ukraine and sentenced to seven years in prison.

It was a conviction widely seen as political retribution and one that knocked her out of the race for this year’s parliamentary election.

Meanwhile, Mr. Klitschko’s party has been rising in the polls, drawing large and enthusiastic crowds in campaign stops across the nation.

“People are angry,” Mr. Klitschko told the Kyiv Post newspaper between campaign stops earlier this month.

“This unites people all over the country – their attitude to the ruling party, which has failed in all their promises.”

But as a newcomer to politics, analysts say the sportsman looks unequipped to deal with the tough challenges that any new government will have to tackle.

A survey published shortly before an Oct. 18 poll blackout showed Mr. Yanukovych’s ruling party leading with 23.3-per-cent support.

Even so, it indicated that the Ukrainian public has little faith in either of the major parliamentary factions.

“There is a rising dissatisfaction in Ukraine toward politicians and politics,” said Mr. Kononczuk.

“The Orange Revolution was a moment when simple Ukrainians believed that they could truly change the country. [Now they] are more disappointed than ever by the situation [here].”

Analysts say the opposition is expected to prevent Mr. Yanukovych’s forces from amassing a two-thirds majority of 300 seats that would allow the president to change the constitution.

Some fear that given such powers, he would try to cancel presidential elections scheduled for 2015 and revert to a system in which parliament elects the top leader.  

Andriy Magera, the deputy head of the Central Election Commission in Ukraine, has already called this campaign the dirtiest of the four elections he’s been involved in.  

“What is really striking is the scale of bribes of voters in the election,” Mr. Magera 


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Man Sues Wife For Giving Birth To Ugly Baby And Wins $120k


A man in China successfully sued his wife after she gave birth to an unattractive baby girl.
The man argued that the woman he married was beautiful — and he’s not bad looking himself — so the baby couldn’t be his. After some investigation it was determined that the wife had a lot of plastic surgery before she hooked up with him — and her baby inherited her previous looks.
The man divorced his wife and sued her in open court. A judge found that the man married the woman under false pretenses. The judge awarded the husband the U.S. equivalent of $120,000. This might not have happened if the woman was happy with her God given looks.
Via Planet Ivy

Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack(Official Video)

If you do not know this song,you do not know good music!!!

Who Is Kollydee?


        In my opinion he is one of the best r n b vocalist,iv heard from Nigeria.Real name Alade Kolade.He recently performed at the just concluded Euro 2012 in Ukraine.You can hear his songs at He talks about himself,his music and more in this special interview.Read below:

Who is Kollydee?
Kollydee is a young talented musician,r n b singer and performer.He is a 3rd year medical student in Ukraine.He is the first in a family of 3.

Tell us about your music background,how did it all start?
it goes way back,i remember singing along to songs by legends like Micheal Jackson,Anthony Hamilton,Whitney Houston,etc,as a child,though I never thought I could sing.I was also a member of the orchestra back in school,i played the violin then and also learnt how to read and write music,wrote a couple of music exams too,i would say i discovered my talent the day someone was needed to sing in the orchestra and i was selected and after singing people were shocked by how i maneuvered the song.Ever since then i developed a great passion for music and it has not stopped since then.

Which Musician or musicians would you say have influenced you the most?
Asa!,she has been an inspiration to me,before her i never thought my style of music will do well among the Nigerian audience,but she came out and did her thing and sold records.Also,Micheal Jackson,Beyonce,John Legend.Anthony Hamilton,Tyrese,R. Kelly,Usher,Amy winehouse,Darey and lots more have influenced my music in positive ways,big respect to them.

You are an R n B Singer,what is your definition of love and do you think love exists?
ok,I might take this a little personal,because i'm in love with someone special at the is tolerance.I feel love is is learning your partner's love language and expressing love in a way he or she can receive.Love is giving,love is life,I love love(laughs!).I strongly believe true love exists,it just takes finding that special one,someone who has morals,morals for me is very important,someone who is disciplined.

There is this wide belief that most musicians are players and flirts,what do you think about that and how many girlfriends have you had in your life?
(Laughs)....true that!,yes!,but there are still lots of musicians out there with decent lifestyles,and im glad i'm one of them,we have musicians in committed relationships,i have only dated two girls in my life,right now in a relationship with the latter.

What will you say is your best song or project so far?
Of all my songs so far I think my best is "Bamijo",followed by "Don't Go",I'll drop two new songs on the 2nd of November,they are my best so far,they are totally mindblowing!,I cant wait for the release of these tracks,my fans gonna love it!!.

On a final note what would you like to say to your fans and those that support you?
i would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported and encouraged my music in one way or the other,my family,my friends and fans for their enormous support.I assure you guys my best is yet to come.thank you!.

Watch out for his new singles!! "Bolanle" ft. Olakillz and "Deep In Love" ft. Damien.Drops 2nd November!!.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Drastic Fantastic - Everyday ft. Preachaz Son


Its the much awaited single of Drastic Fantastic,one of the finest underground hip hop artistes i've heard.He calls this one "Everyday" featuring another great artiste Preachaz Son who has been on a lot of collabos lately.Big ups to him.The song has this 80's groovy touch to it,kinda song you hold your special one and step to.So here is "Everyday",seat back,listen and enjoy


Photo : Taraba State Governor Is Not Dead


The Commissioner for Information in Taraba State, Mr Emmanuel Bello has confirmed that the governor of the state, survived the plane crash and he is now on bed and receiving medical attention.
Mr Bello stated that “we have a situation on our hands but to the glory of God, the Governor is alive and he is already been given the attention he needs right now.”
“For now he is on bed and alive to the glory of God” he added.
The Commissioner however refused to confirm whether the governor was the one that flew the crashed plane.
“We are getting all sorts of information but we are working to get the situation under control and there is no reason to panic” he affirmed.
Lost control
An official of the Federal Airport Authority (FAAN) has just confirmed  that the plane, a Cessan 208 with six passengers lost control 38miles to landing at 1.730z in Yola.
According to the FAAN official, the plane took off from Jalingo, the Taraba State capital to Yola Airport.
FAAN claimed the crash was confirmed by its official at the Yola Airport Control tower.
Meanwhile a statement released by officials of the state government confirmed the presence of the governor on the plane that crashed in Yola , but the statement also confirmed that the governor was not dead.
Mr Suntai was reportedly flying the private jet that had five other passengers and all of them were injured, but none of them died, the statement said.
The governor is said to be currently receiving treatment at the General Hospital in Yola.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

M.I. - Ashes (Dedicated To The Aluu 4)



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Emeka Hypnotic - Dream Girl + P.S.A.(Public Service Announcement)

Emeka Hypnotic is a Nigerian Artiste based in Ukraine.He released both tracks on his birthday,17th October.Check them out below

Dream Girl

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hip Hop World Award Winners 2012

Best RnB Singer - May D - Soundtrack
Best Pop Single - Iyanya - Kukere
Best Rap Single - Angeli -Vector ft 9ice
Best RnB/Pop Album - P Square
Best Street Hop - Chuddy K
Best RnB Pop Album - P-Square
Best Rap Album - Ice Prince - E.L.I
Best Vocal Performance (Male) - Wande Coal - Private Trips
Best Vocal Performance (Female) - Tiwa Savage - Love Me Love Me Love Me
Best Collaboration - Sound Sultan ft Excel and Flavour - Orobo
Revelation of the Year - Wizkid
Recording of the Year - Brymo - Ara
Best Label Head - Banky W
Producer of the Year - TY Mix - Super C Season (Naeto C)
Lyricist on the Roll - Vector - Angeli
Next Rated - Davido
African Artist of the Year - Sarkodie (Ghana) Azonto
Artiste of the Year - Wizkid
Album of the Year - Psquare - The Invasion
Best Music Video (Director) - Jude Okoye - Chop My Money
Song of the Year - D'banj - Oliver Twist
Headies Hall of Fame - Femi Kuti

Chuddy K, Eva Alordiah, Davido, Femi Kuti, Timi Dakolo, Chidinma, Brymo, Styl Plus, Bez, Praiz and Headies Rookie competition winners; Dammy Krane & Burnaboy performed live.
It was anchored by M.I and Omawunmi.

Governor Rochas Punches Obi's Aide

The Governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha threw caution to the wind and acted in an undignified manner of his position. portraying a very uncivil and uncultured behavior of a state Governor as he was said to have punched a protocol officer who refused to allow him sit on a chair reserved for the Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, at the 80th birthday celebration of former vice president, Chief Alex Ekwueme, in Enugu.

The incident occurred 20 minutes before most of the invited guests arrived.

Source learnt that the seater was reserved for the host Governor, Mr. Sullivan Chime and Obi. The Deputy Governor, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, represented Chime who is still out of the country.

The protocol officer, Mr. Ifeanyi Onukuba, who works with Obi, was shocked at Okorocha’s action and before he could recover from it, a police officer attached to the Bomb Disposal Unit in Anambra State, Mr. Felix Alumona, pushed Okorocha when he was removing the tag bearing Obi’s name from the seat.

Our correspondent observed that Okorocha’s Aide de Camp, Gabriel Onu, immediately pounced on Alumona, hitting and tearing his uniform, while other security details attached to the Imo governor joined in the scuffle.

Sensing that the matter was beginning to attract people, Okorocha quickly waded in, saying, “Hey, please stop the fight! Let us not fight over an ordinary seat. I will share the seat with Peter Obi.”

Minutes after the fracas, Okorocha’s aides grumbled saying, “Why is it that anywhere we go, they always reserve a special seat for Obi. Is Okorocha not the leader of Ndigbo?”

When Obi arrived, he squeezed himself in the couch, sitting between Onyebuchi and Okorocha.

Plane Crash In Ukraine

Russian military plane crashed in Crimea
This morning the Emergencies Ministry in the Crimea announced that three people died when a four-person SOKATA TV-20 aircraft crashed in a field two kilometers from the village of Chornozomne on the peninsula Saturday.
According to the emergencies ministry website, the plane was flying from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast to the Tobasco aerodrome near the city of Yevpatoria.
The emergencies ministry said it is currently trying to establish the identities of the deceased.
The cause of the plane crash is currently being investigated.
Just 1 week ago three people were killed and one seriously injured when a Russian military plane crashed onto a runway of an airfield belonging to the Russian Black Sea Fleet seaborne aviation in the village of Kacha, Crimea, during a training flight at 17.38 on October 12.

Video - Tontoh Dikeh In The Studio

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Megafizzy - Amazing ft. Jid Vocals And Dr.Syl

Megafizzy,real name Chika Charlton Ohia,also called "oooceecee",is a new artist amd producer on the Nigerian Music scene although he has been working in the background for quite a while now.He hails from Port Harcourt(a city that has produced the likes of Duncan Mighty,Burna Boy,Timaya,Ijaw Boys ent. etc).He debuts with his first single "amazing" ft. popular gospel artiste jid vocals and Dr. Syl.In my honest opinion,its not a bad start,considering artistes like "Tontoh Dike" i must add he has that T.I.(Famous American Rapper) feel.Listen and share your thoughts


Aero Contractors Flight Makes Emergency Return Landing


Aero Contractors’ pilot took precautionary measure Tuesday  and returned an Abuja-bound flight to the Lagos airport after one of the engines was said to have developed technical problem.
According to one of the passengers in the aircraft, the flight AJ 133 with over 90 passengers, took off from Lagos at about 6:55 pm yesterday on its way to Abuja and when the pilot noticed a problem with one of the two engines, he made air return after the flight had been airborne for some time.
Efforts to confirm the incident from the airline failed as calls and SMS sent to its media consultant, Simon Tumba, was not returned.
The passenger who narrated the incident to THISDAY, said the flight was billed to land in Abuja after 55 minutes of take-off but midway, the pilot returned to Lagos airport.
“I was a passenger in an Aero flight, a Boeing 737/500 series aircraft, which (developed problem with one engine) and returned to Lagos airport. Passengers were over joyous when it finally landed,” the passenger said.
As at press time, the actual problem of the engine was still unknown, but the pilot decided to return the aircraft to the airport of departure, which was the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

3 More People Killed In Uniport

Fresh killings at UNIPORT’s host community

Barely two weeks after four undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were murdered at Omuokiri-Aluu, three persons including another student of the institution have been shot dead at Choba, one of the university’s host communities.
Also killed in the Thursday night incident were the student’s girlfriend and a young man who had just completed his national service in Port Harcourt.

There is uneasy calm in UNIPORT’s host communities, especially Omuokiri-Aluu, Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers State, over threats of reprisals by kinsmen of the four students who were lynched on October 5.
The three latest victims were shot at close range at about 10 pm on Thursday by unknown gunmen driving a sport utility vehicle (SUV).
The names of the victims were unavailable at press time.
It was learnt that the deceased persons had gone out for a drink to celebrate the passing out of the NYSC member , but on their way back rammed into a shop with their car.
It was gathered that the owner of the shop accosted the occupants of the car.
An argument soon ensued between the two parties and in a matter of minutes, the gunmen arrived the scene and opened fire on the trio.
They then zoomed off without taking anything from their victims.
The Public Relations Officer of the Rivers State Police Command, Mr. Ben Ugwuegbulam, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), confirmed the incident, but said he had no details.
The Deputy Registrar (Information) of the university, Dr. Williams Wodi, in a telephone interview yesterday said: “After the protest of October 8, UNIPORT was shut on October 9. I am not in a position to comment on students who ought to be in their parents’ homes. We are awaiting police reaction.”
Meanwhile,Omuokiri-Aluu where four students of UNIPORT were murdered on October 5, is tensed following alleged threats by kinsmen of the murdered students to attack the community.
The victims, Biringa Chiadika Lordson (20), Year Two, Theatre Arts, U2010/1805036; Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor (18), Year Two, Geology, U2010/5565149; Mike Lloyd Toku (19), Year Two, Civil Engineering, U2010/3010094 and Tekena Erikena (20), a Certificate student in the Faculty of Education, were lynched for allegedly stealing mobile phones and laptops.
Spokesman for the umbrella organisation of Aluu Clan, the Ogbakor Aluu, Mr. Garshon Benson, said the threats to attack Omuokiri-Aluu were real.
Benson urged security agencies to be alive to their responsibilities, with a view to preventing further destruction of lives and property.
Two of the lynched students hailed from Okrika in Rivers State.
The murder sparked a massive protest at Choba Junction on the East-West Road on October 9.
Via The Nation

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thank God Its Friday!!! T.G.I.F.

Wish You All A Happy Weekend,Dance And Enjoy Yourselves,But Definitely Not Like This!!!..lool

"Tontoh Dikeh Came Out Sounding Like She Was In Midstream Orgasm" - Charles Novia(November Records)

I have restrained myself for a couple of years from commenting on Tonto Dike’s career after my last comments about her role in the soft porn movie she acted in two years back, were badly taken by her and she went on Twitter to hurl infantile insults on my person with expletives and uncomplimentary remarks.
My reaction to such then was just a dignified silence. After all, I had already spoken on her stunted talent as an up-and-coming actress and further comments on her incensed tweets were unnecessary.
All through the past few hours, the social media networks have been abuzz with the new singles of actress, Tonto Dike. She seems to have joined the actors of her ilk who have the moonlighting itch to delve into singing. While no one can stop such an ambition by those artistes, I do think those who surround such artistes are their worst enemies if they can’t tell them the truth about leaving their sometimes doubtful day job. Well, I will!
I listened to Miss Dikeh’s two singles a few minutes ago and my initial speechlessness morphed to a nagging laughter and then subsided into a befuddled anguish. I’m a music label owner (November Records) and have produced and executive produced acts like Majek Fashek, Terry tha Rapman, Zubby Enebeli, etc. I know much about music and the slant of commercial music. But after listening to Miss Dikeh’s songs, I’m inclined to align with the majorly negative comments about them on cyberspace.
Ah-ah! Whoever produced her knew she has a bad voice for singing and masked our listening torture with the Autotune effect. But even the Autotune rejected any attempt to make a bad voice worse and Miss Dikeh came out sounding like she was in mid-stream orgasm instead of singing! Her anguished tremolos would have been better reserved for a horror movie sound effect than an attempt at joining the revered profession of music.
If Omotola got away with her last two terrible attempts at singing, it was because Omotola is a fantastic actress and her fans could forgive her musical failings after backtracking her body of work in Nollywood.
With Tonto, I can’t say much either for her acting depth. She’s a one-dimensional actress in my opinion, who mistakes notoriety for fame. She needs more training in acting and this I say with all sense of professionalism as a movie director. She might achieve greater heights in acting if she trains more. But she has no heights to achieve in singing. Only a downward plunge, the stuff bad endings in movies are made of.

Tonto Dikeh's Reply

"Heart Break" Can Cause Death

It has long been claimed that people have died from a broken heart.
Now German researchers say they have identified how emotional trauma can trigger a potentially lethal catastrophe in the body they call the ‘broken heart syndrome.’
Similar to a stroke or a massive coronary, broken heart syndrome causes the body to pour out adrenaline and other stress hormones.

This narrows the coronary arteries and impairs blood circulation. It also stuns the bottom half of the main pumping chamber of the heart, forcing the top portion to work much harder to compensate.
The lack of oxygenated blood reaching the rest of the body — and indeed the heart — causes breathlessness, pain and a loss of consciousness.

The patient can die as a result of cardiac arrest, causing the brain and body to be starved of oxygen.
Victims struggle to breathe, feel weak and have pains in the chest which are typical heart attack symptoms.
Doctors have long known the stress of a bereavement can trigger heart problems — studies have shown the risk of heart attack rises ten-fold in the 48 hours following the death of a loved one.
It’s previously been assumed that the patient already has an unhealthy heart as a result of bad diet or clogged arteries.
But scientists now say that a bereavement can trigger a specific type of heart attack very different from these ‘unhealthy’ heart attacks.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Read The Aluu 4 Killings As Told By The Killers

Suspects paraded at the Rivers State Police command.
The police on Tuesday announced a major breakthrough in their investigation into the lynching of four University of Port Harcourt students. The videotaped lynching of the students sparked outrage nationwide and the clip of the killings went viral on the Internet.
The IG disclosed the arrest during a security meeting with Chief Executive Officers and security officers of banks at the Force Headquarters, Abuja.
“I want to announce that we have made a breakthrough in the Aluu killings. The two main suspects in the case have been arrested and they will be prosecuted,” he said. The arrest brings the number of suspects arrested by the police to 23.
The students were set upon by a mob in Aluu, a community close to the university, and lynched. They were later identified as 19-year-old Lloyd Toku ( 200 level Civil Engineering); 18-year-old Ugonna Obuzor (200 level  Geology student); 20-year-old Chiadika Biringa, (200 level Theatre Arts student); and Tekena Erikena, a 20-year-old  a diploma (Technical) student by the management of the university.
The police, on Monday, had named Coxson Lucky, alias Bright, as the mastermind of the lynching. Lucky, who was said to owe one of the students an undisclosed sum of money, reportedly raised the alarm that the students were robbers when they went to his house to demand for the money. The mob, which converged on the venue of the altercation, then beat and burn the students to death.
While the IGP was speaking in Abuja, the Rivers State Police Command was parading some of the suspects. The State Police Commissioner, Mr. Mohammed Ndabawa, gave the names of the suspects as Segun Lawal, Felemo Solomon, Cynthia Chinwo, Ozioma Abajuo, Ikechukwu Louis and Chigozie Samuel Evans. He accused the suspects of playing major roles in the killings.
“It is not the philosophy of the Inspector General of Police to parade suspects. Nonetheless, the gruesome manner in which the crime was committed coupled with the direct and glaring involvement of some of these suspects, and the interest generated by the heinous crime, left the police with no option than to parade them,” Ndabawa said.
He said that an investigation aimed at arresting others involved in the killing of the four students and bringing them to book was  ongoing.
However, two of the suspects, who admitted taking part in the mob action, claimed that their involvement was “minimal”. While the first suspect, David Chinasa Ugbaje, said he only hit the students twice, another suspect, Ikechukwu Loius Amadi, claimed that he only beat the students once with a small stick.
Ugbaje, who said he was a cobbler,  described one of the students as his customer.
He said, “Around 7am on that day, I saw a crowd beating four boys. I asked who the four men were and they (crowd) said they were armed robbers.
“So, along the line, we went there. I opened the gate and they entered.  I could not control the crowd. They pointed at one of our co-tenants; the name of the person is Bright.
“Some people said they wanted to break Bright’s door. So, they started beating the boys very seriously. They took them out from my street. I now left the house. I only beat them twice.”
Ugbaje added that while one policeman at the scene of the incident pleaded with the mob to hand over the students to them, another beat the students.
 “Along the line, two policemen arrived. One of the policemen was pleading (for the boys), the other one joined in beating the boys. After beating the boys, the police now said the boys should be handed over to them. The crowd shouted, ‘We no go gree, we no go gree,” he said.
The second suspect, Ikechukwu Louis Amadi, a printer whose business is located within the UNIPORT campus, said that he only hit Toku, Obuzo, Biringa and Erikena once.
He said, “I was ready to go to my work. When I came out to pick a bike, I saw a crowd. I saw four boys, they were already naked. I shifted a bit to verify. They told me that these four boys came to rob, to steal.
“I asked them where they were taking them to. They said they were taking them to Number 9, Coca Cola Street where they lived. They mentioned one of our neighbours that they came to look for him. So, I followed the crowd. At the end, they started beating the boys mercilessly. To be sincere, I hit them once.”
But Segun Lawal, the third suspect, said he did not take part in the beating. He claimed he raised his hands and appealed to the mob not to kill the students. Lawal, a taxi driver, explained that he was arrested after his return from a business trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch on Saturday.
At the parade, the police did not allow journalists to interview the village head of Omuokiri Aluu community, Alhaji Hassan Walewa.
However, Abubakar had said that “Intelligence  report implicated the traditional  ruler of Omukiri community, Aluu, Alhaji Hassan Walewa, as being the person who incited the mob to unleash terror on the victims.”
On Monday, members of the Aluu community had claimed they had no hand in the killing of the boys. However, Lloyd’s father, Mr. Mike Toku, had described the denial as an attempt to cover up the crime. Toku insisted that his son and the three other students of the UNIPORT were tortured and killed by members of the community.
Toku, on Sunday, told our correspondent that the incident took place in the presence of members of the public and wondered why any Aluu indigene would want to deny the obvious.
He said, “To say they are not involved in the killing of my son is a big lie. It is a white lie and a cover-up for their wicked and unacceptable act. The incident did not take place in one of the community’s bushes.
“They killed my son in a place that looked like a village square, belonging to the community. While the killers were hitting my son and three other students, others stood and watched the incident.”
Toku, who insisted that his son was innocent of any crime, urged the police to arrest the killers of his son and those who watched their torture.
The late Tekena Erikena’s sister, Ann, described her brother as a humble person who had respect for people. Ann wondered why members of the community would brand him a thief and kill him.
“I cannot dictate to government on what it should do, but what we want is justice. My brother was never a thief,” she said.

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Chris Brown And Rihanna Fight Again

chris brown and rihanna fight again

Chris Brown and Rihanna got into a huge fight three nights ago – but luckily for them both (Chris most especially), the fight did not get physical.
According to a report, the fight first started when Rihanna called Chris Brown, asking him to meet her at the studio. Chris refused, choosing instead to go out with his friends instead.
Rihanna has called up Chris Brown at least a dozen times over the past two days – each time, she launched into a tirade of curse words on Chris.
Chris Brown has tried to defuse the situation. says the report, “Rihanna is under a lot of stress [with her new album] and she wants [Chris] with her all the time. But Chris has his own stuff to do too.”
“Rihanna is very extra. She orders him around like ‘come here’ . . . ‘do this.’” the report added,”That shit used to work before [when Chris and Rihanna were together], but Chris is a lot older. He’s a man now and so you can’t do him like that anymore.”
No word on whether the two plan on kissing and making up anytime soon.
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